LFW AW12: Antoni & Alison & Some Thoughts on Runway Shows

‘Models walking up and down in dresses’

The Antoni & Alison show opened this seasons London Fashion Week, with the above title it some how put the entire weeks events into perspective. Yes, indeed all these people are gathered here to see models walking up and down in dresses, that is true. But what it doesn’t encompass are the emotions and feelings stirred up, when you witness such an event. It truly is an incredible feeling and a sight to behold. Then after a few minutes it is all over.

There has been a lot of talk about whether the high costs of putting on runway shows is actually worth it. Of course the buyers and press can all come down to show rooms and studios to see the product. In fact it is always a pleasure to see the garments up close, to take in the details. Yet if we take away all the discussion about publicity and media and just focus on the clothes. You can never create the impact viewing an entire collection on the runway creates. One thing I personally feel is important, which is always over looked, are the reactions of the audience. You can talk about saleability all you want but at the end of the day if any one garment doesn’t cause a gasp, a little flutter in the pit of a stomach, eyes lighting up,┬á it is never going to capture the heart of the buyer and it is never going to sell.

I also like to listen to the reactions of people around me, sat watching this show I took in the dreamy dresses. Simple in cut yet with the most fascinating print work. The design duo stated ‘We have been looking to make these pieces since we were students, it’s only technology that has allowed us to make them now‘. Championing Trompe l’oeil the prints had so many details, a main theme swatches of fabrics ‘pinned’ on, huge buttons and sequins. Even the drapes and folds were part of the clever prints. Waistlines were suggested by the placing of a row of sequins or the joining of two fabrics. I was thinking how every woman could find a place in her wardrobe for such a dress, the perfect statement at a party or something fun dressed down for day. I overheard someone gasp ‘oh the sequins’ saw others nodding with appreciation. Then one said ‘oh this is such an unwearable collection, all the dresses are the same shape’ and that really took me back, because you never really can tell how each individual will react, some will never ‘get’ a concept. It was a striking collection, the simplicity allowing the true beauty of the prints to be revealed and for us to appreciate the the designers rare talent.

The duo returned to runway after choosing┬á more intimate showings since 2005. They told Vogue ‘It felt right to do this. We became interested in the catwalk again and the idea of girls walking up and down‘. A fine way to celebrate the designers 25th year anniversary.

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  1. I thought these dresses were really interesting, but why are they teamed with “KATE MIDDLETON” style shoes? A wonderful collection anyway

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