LFW AW12: Orla Kiely

Join us for a Tea Dance as we slip into the magical world of Orla Kiely. With tidy, glossy pony tails, barely there make-up and berry red lips the girls sat and waited around the dance floor for some one to mark their dance card. Wearing pretty full skirted dresses and blouses in tiny floral printed chiffon, contrasted with gold sequin collars and vibrant orange shorts. Butter soft deep red leather pinafore’s with shiny black buttons. Maroon boiled wool and retro cat prints for beautiful dresses. The collection had a distinct girlish charm with a coquettish wink. More structured dresses in striped taffeta and metallic flecked skirts with shimmering golden blouses for the evening. Topped off with sparkly ankle socks and smartly polished dancing shoes. The lights dimmed, the mirror ball spun and the band started to play. Handsomely suited gentlemen appeared and the couples waltzed around the room. All in all the perfect prim and proper wardrobe, yet add a flash of a heel and the Head Girl could soon be transformed into the wild tear away!

I cannot express my surprise and also sheer delight as I walked into the wonderland Orla Kiely created that day. I only wish I had gone earlier so I could have sat at one of the pretty little tables laden with good old fashioned treats, jam tarts Battenburg cake and Bourbon biscuits. When I arrived the room was packed, everyone excited to see what Kiely was going to treat us with this season. The room was softly lit to create the perfect atmosphere for dancing and frivolity. Exactly what I think these clothes were intended for.

FPOW + TK Maxx for LFW

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