Outfit: Take Two

I dragged these images out of the trash folder. I wasn’t going to post them as I had already posted this outfit What Pearl Wore Day 6 but with different shoes, Christian Louboutin killer heels. The really are killers, quite a narrow almond toe and a sharp stiletto. Know you me and my love of heels, there is no question about that and I have other Louboutin’s which are so comfortable but this pair eek they aren’t comfortable one bit. They do look rather wonderful though! So I had this other pair of shoes in my bag on standby. They are Vivienne Westwood Worlds End Label ‘Tracey Trainers‘, named after Vivienne’s good friend the artist Tracey Emin. They might not go as well with the outfit, but they certainly go with me!

FPOW + TK Maxx for LFW

13 thoughts on “Outfit: Take Two

    • Yes it is my beloved vintage Burberry mac. I literally searched for about 4 years before I found the perfect one, this one could have been made for me it fits so perfectly. I eventually found this one on eBay for a bargain around ┬ú70, they cost upwards of ┬ú700 new these days! It’s currently at the dry cleaners as every time I seem to wear it someone spills coffee on me 🙁

    • Ive no idea, I think it’s about 70 or something stupid like that! The skirt is from Tesco Clothing and was really cheap, they did it in yellow and blue to, wish I had gotten another but they sold out really quick x

  1. Love this outfit, probably even more with the ‘trainers’.
    How’s your hand? Do you think it was the gloves (dye), new meds or just all the go-go-go of LFW?
    Take care hun,
    Z xx

    • No the gloves were hiding the rash, I really love them and wear them all the time so big thank you for them! I think just the stress of fashion week caused the rash and the RA flare up xx

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