Outfit: Ticket To Ride

Wearing: vintage 1960’s dress, vintage Burberry trench, Primark shoes and tights, JumpFromPaper bag, River Island earrings.

Many things inspired this post, after collecting a few things separately they all came to together and resulted in this. It is strange wearing a wig, when you don’t recognise yourself in the mirror, you can become a character. I didn’t wear the wig to go out in and without it the outfit looked quite normal but I thought it was fun. If I had thicker hair I would totally go for a bob, as for the pink I would love my hair in a washed out colour, neon is a bit much even for me. In this outfit I felt like a Mod. Stood waiting for something, perhaps a get-away car? Waiting and waiting, until deciding to make a dash for it!

The Body Shop make-up look and JumpFromPaper bag are something pretty special I want to talk about in more detail and will do so in separate posts.

25 thoughts on “Outfit: Ticket To Ride

  1. Love, love, love that hair! The individual pieces are quite conservative, but put together with the wig and the bag create a really fun character look. I’m waiting patiently for one of the bag styles to come back in stock, your pictures are not helping me with waiting!

    • It wasn’t the ‘Cheese’ bag was it? That was my first choice but it was out of stock, I love them all though!

        • Ha ha I <3 Cheese!! My bag actually was sent from in the UK, I think they have different websites for different countries as I saw on their face book people asking about international postage. I was gifted my bag though so they may have paid the charges upfront?

          • I will ask when I email the PR girl I talk to and check. BTW your blog link doesnt link up when you comment any more, dont know if its because I changed to WordPress?

  2. Pearl, you have made my day with this look! Just so sixties. It’s definitely my favourite fashion decade and suits my silhouette but I just love it for the mini skirts and all the white dresses and shoes and the massive earrings and the flicked out hair and the thickly lined eyes – just amazing. Have you been watching that new drama White Heat with Clare Foy on BBC2 on a Thursday night? The first two eps are set in the sixties and there’s some great fashion, I think you’d love it. The wig looks fantastic on you, for a moment I thought you’d actually taken the plunge and had it cut and dyed!!! Very jealous of your lovely dress and burberry mac. I spotted one of the latter on the designer rail in cow a few months ago but it was going for ┬ú60 and I really couldn’t justify spending that much at the time. One day though!

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