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Wearing: Vintage Chanel blazer, River Island t-shirt – (you know that perfect, soft, nubbly material well that), New Look earrings, All Saints sunglasses from TK Maxx and my hair up in a bun fancy that!

As you all know I don’t often post in real-time. I usually have a weeks worth of post’s stacked up as I don’t always have time to post daily.┬á You also know that I have health problems, namely Rheumatoid Arthritis, but you probably don’t know I also suffer from a few other conditions. One of those is constant migraine. I didn’t have a post scheduled today, because I have used up my back-ups and seem to be sat staring vacantly at a few half done ones I can’t seem to finish. I have taken a turn for the worst last week which I haven’t recovered from yet. I’m not sure what is going on with my immune system, to quote my rheumatologist it is ‘frazzled’. Right now I am on a large dose of steroids so I am not getting so much of the usual joint pain. This feels rather odd, because I get the warning signs of a bad flare up – it feels a bit like getting the flu but without the sniffles. But then I didn’t get the curl up and die joint pain. It is a very strange sensation. Possibly because I didn’t realise how much of a bad flare up I was in, I didn’t fee too bad on Saturday so I decided to start redecorating my bedroom. I delve right in hauling out junk from under my bed and the loft cupboard. Then I start to feel itchy and sniffly. I ignore it and carry on. Then I get really itchy and tired. I look down at my arm, then my legs, then my tummy. Every part of my body is covered in hives, I look like Ive got the chicken-pox! It turns out that not only are people with auto-immune diseases prone to allergies, their bodies are also prone to overreacting to what would be minor allergies in most people. On top of that some medication can effect how the body responds to allergies. That pretty much sums up the infrequency of my posts this last week and the delay in replying to emails.

Besides the illnesses I am also considering some pretty big changes in my life right now – even bigger than redecorating my bedroom! The redecorating is a massive deal to me, it must be about five years since it was last done. But it got to breaking point where I just couldn’t cope with the clutter any more, so a huge clear out and redesign is happening. I will share with you once it’s complete, I am really excited about it. I want to be able to see all my clothes and be able to find what I am looking for! I want to display some of my beloved treasures!

Anyway, I am going off the point of this post. Which was to highlight two seemingly totally different post by two of my fellow bloggers and good friends.┬á The first is on a fun, cheerful note by Lawrence ‘Celine Sunglasses‘. I’ve never been a sunglasses person. It always seemed too much effort to carry them around if a peep of sun dare shine in gloomy Manchester. Even after trying on every single pair in my beloved Chanel I never did succumb to their allure. I had an old pair I would whip out when abroad but that was about it. Lately, however due to my increasing migraines I have become very sensitive to bright light. It doesn’t even have to be sunny, just bright, including artificial lights. So always the one to put a positive spin on things I decided the only way to deal with this is to ramp up on the fashion. Oh yes, my love of sunglasses now knows no bounds, I can’t get enough of them! I haven’t taken a trip to Chanel just yet but I have certainly been getting my designer fix. I know I am always harping on about TK Maxx but seriously if you haven’t done so already go check out their sunglasses!! Bargains galore from so many designers and brands. I will have to take some photo’s of my collection (once the decorating is done and I can find them), but Lawrence tells all in his post about our latest find. I cannot tell you how excited we were to find not just one, but a pair each of the revered Celine ‘Original’ sunglasses! Cerulean for him and ocher red for me!! Not the ┬ú250 they are in Harvey Nicks, oh no just 50 of your British pounds!

The second post I wanted to share is by Florrie ‘Speech, Expression and Migraines‘. Florrie and I became friends well before we discovered we both suffered with chronic pain conditions. Yet I believe in fate and I do wonder if the cosmos threw us together to support each other. We share tales of horrendous drug trials and can understand what a sever attack can feel like. In her post Florrie puts into words something I have never been able to. My reaction to pain is most often anger.┬á To suddenly be crippled by pain, be it migraine or RA, is indescribable. It is also very hard to communicate to someone how you are feeling when you can’t even bare to open your eyes, let alone your mouth. By now my close friends and family understand when I go quite all of a sudden. Or can seem snappy with no reason. Put simply I am in pain.

So there we have it, a pretty mixed bag of a post. I chose this photo because it shows of my current favourite sunglasses, black cat-eyes by All Saints, a bargainous ┬ú14.99 from TK Maxx. They also have tons of nice pairs on the TK Maxx website in case you hadn’t seen, I keep checking everyday – honestly I’m obsessed!

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  1. I am so bored of my sunglasses! I’d love to have a few pairs but the lenses are so damn expensive because I have special light avoiding ones *sighs* My next pair definitely need to be more fun!

    Love you Pearl.

    Florrie x

  2. This is.. I’m speechless. Which is in itself – you know me – bizarre. But the coincidences.. I knew about the rhuematoid arthritis, but how did we never talk about migraines? And Florrie gets them too? They are the bain of my existence. I always have to have pills in my purse, just in case. And just when I thought I’d got the problem sussed – when I discovered Syndol, they haven’t been selling it now for months and months. I’m back to Migraleve (yes, I admit, I do love the hot pink and orangey/yellow combo – colour blocking in pharmaceuticals) but Syndol were the best.

    And so much else… pretty much everything you wrote here, I’ve got a ‘relating to’ story about. I’m massively into decluttering now, redecorating.. and in the post I just wrote, linking to yours, I was about to write ‘makes me break out in hives’ and for some reason I switched to ‘gives me the heebie jeebies.’

    But also, sunglasses!! I’ve been wearing them outside rain or shine all my life, and I do feel it’s connected with migraines: I panic if I’ve gone out on a rainy day and forgot my sunglasses (which almost never happens: I always check that I have a pair) because bright light makes it worse. I don’t have migraines all the time – and I haven’t had them for a while now – and I think not being online as much really helps. But this morning, I woke up with one. Hope I’ve nipped it in the budd with a hot pink pill.

    I love this look on you: sunglasses really suit you. And they’re a gorgeous pair, I can’t believe they’re TK Maxx!! ; ) I can’t believe that price. I can’t justify cause I have so many pair… see, this is what I mean. I just don’t think a girl can ever have too many sunglasses. You’ll see, Pearly. It’s a slippery slope.

    Last but not least: our darling Lawrence. I must go visit his blog… but I’m trying not to spend time online, and I must meet a friend soon. I’m glad you’re spending time with him – please send him my best! And feel better, dear friend.


    p.s.: Oh my: I see past posts on pastels! Pastel and soft grey: that’s just what I posted. Because that’s the secret of pastels: you have to include either something grey, or tan. Too much sugar isn’t good for the system.

  3. Oh Pearl, I am so sorry you are suffering so badly at the moment, I truly hope you feel better soon. I know that seems a pretty silly thing to say considering the circumstances but I don’t have any idea of what you’re going through and I only hope that the support of fellow bloggers will make you feel even a little bit like your normal self. These sunglasses suit you perfectly – I can’t believe hey were so cheap! and All Saints!! Is this TKMaxx on Market Street? Whenever I go in it always seems to be crowded and I don’t feel comfortable having a proper rummage. I’ve never really liked that store – I think it’s because you have to go down the escalator. Best wishes xxxx

  4. I also have an autoimmune problem but mine is sinus related. My body thinks that allergens are constantly present so my sinuses produce polyps. Most of the time I have no sense of smell or taste (though right now I’m pretty good which is weird because it’s spring and pollen is plentiful). It’s not painful or debilitating but it’s not a happy way to live a life. thanks for sharing your story. =)

    I wish we had a TK Maxx in Canada. You seem to score the best stuff there.

  5. Exciting to hear of your redecoration…hope it turns out well.

    Those hives sound horrid. 🙁 I have quite severe skin allergies – from the most random things- from time to time and as well as the hideous itching and pain, looking like a big pink shiny spot thing is not nice. I do hope it goes soon.

    I am going over to read Florrie’s post now.

    Take care. 🙂

  6. Hey Pearl

    I’m really sorry to hear that you’re having such a crap time of it. Your experiences are very sobering and should make people lucky enough to be in good health truly appreciate it. I must say though, I admire that your attitude to migranes is to embrace a designer glasses habit. You’re a good girl. As ever, I wish you only good things.

    Llara x

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