Little Treats

I decided I needed a break from the decorating so headed into town to have a look for some accessories. What I was really after was a lamp. Having exhausted eBay for a quirky retro one I decided to see what I could find in the shops. I saw a few nice ones in Debenhams a parrot is running favourite, but since I am in no rush for it I decided to have a look around. I have found really unique things in the past from TK Maxx so decided to have a look, they also have designer clothes for men (just in case I hadn’t mentioned that). I had absolutely no intention of looking at clothes or accessories, certainly not sunglasses but some how found myself leaving the store with yet another pair!

How could I resist these embellished Karl Lagerfeld ones for ┬ú24.99! They look black but are actually layers of blue and yellow plexi. I also thought it was about time I showed you the treasured Celine’s I picked up the other week. A tip for when buying sunglasses in TK Maxx, as they don’t always have the matching case – sometimes they don’t get sent with cases at all , other times the case’s come in later- at the till ask them to write the brand of the sunglasses on your receipt and that you didn’t get a case. Then if you happen to be in the next time and they do have the matching case you can pick it up so long as you have your receipt. I do have to add though, you are getting so much off the RRP I wouldn’t worry about the case all too much. I also took home two books ‘After a Fashion’ and ‘Vintage Jewellery’ both beautiful coffee table tomes I will enjoy looking through. Especially as the former has lots of Vivienne Westwood images. My favourite scents are Lavender and Violet so I couldn’t resist this delicious Castelbel scented candle, perfect for getting rid of the smell of paint.

Have a great weekend

11 thoughts on “Little Treats

    • I think you will get the case if they have it, but some of them they just don’t get the cases for, its pot luck!

  1. Waaargh! Upon your recommendation, I’ve popped into TKMaxx every time I’ve been past, at least thrice a week. I still don’t manage to pick up the same treasures as you. Send over your magic powers.

    • Really??? But they always have tons of amazing stuff, hmm unless of course it is because I buy EVERYTHING!! 😉

    • It is a nice one isn’t it, you would like the fashion one too really beautiful images lots of one’s I hadn’t seen before, not like some books that just reuse the same popular images. It’s a mix of old Hollywood stars to people on the street x

  2. Pearl, I am always amazed by the brands you manage to find in TKMaxx! As I’ve said before I don’t often venture into the one on Market Street as when I have done I haven’t found it a particularly relaxing experience (though probably cause I’m in there without fail every Christmas Eve trying to buy someone or other a t shirt) but after seeing this post I’ll definitely be making a point of popping in next time I go shopping in town! Both pairs of glasses are beautiful – you never can have too many pairs in my opinion, though when I have a nice pair I tend to wear them all the time. For example one of my best Christmas presents was a pair of Ray Bans and I end up wearing them even when it’s pouring down just because I love them so much! So tempted to wear them to school – I’d feel so cool, then probably get told off very promptly! Hope the decorating is going well and nearly done! xx

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