The Near Destruction of a Very Expensive Jumper

My precious safely blowing in the wind!

Or a story which could also be called ‘Men know nothing about fashion’. As you know Ive been redecorating, yesterday I had one of the final stages to do which involved moving my heavy bed so enlisted the help of my brother. I am not entirely sure what lead up to us being in this scenario, but I came into the Kitchen to find said brother poised with a Vivienne Westwood Gold Label jumper about to clean out a dish. It wouldn’t be polite of me to repeat what came out of my mouth, something along the lines of [email protected]&[email protected][email protected]@!!&$$┬ú!!!!!Vivienne Westwood’ but he just said ‘Huh I thought it was just an old rag’. ‘[email protected]&!!!$$!!!&*!!!’, ‘Look at it, its all stringy and raggy, besides it is in the sink’. Ok I hold my hands up I had left it in the sink as I was about to hand wash it, but come on even scrunched up and inside out surely it looks like a very expensive jumper right? Right????

10 thoughts on “The Near Destruction of a Very Expensive Jumper

  1. Whoa that was close indeed! Ha guys can sometimes be so funny they don’t always get us girls and fashion lol have a great week ahead love Heather

  2. Well, OBVIOUSLY it looks like a very expensive jumper! Didn’t he recognise the label for heaven’s sake. Men! 🙂

  3. hahaha, oh my, thats so funny!
    in a similar vein, i was showing off my new neon orange vest to the bf when he responded that i looked as if i was wearing a safety vest to go off and earn my living at the roadworks :/

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