Work Wear – Not a term I tend to use

The term ‘Work wear’ usually instills one reaction in me Snoozeberg!! I think it is the lasting repulsion of school uniform, which trails over into so many work uniforms and the eternally drab grey suit. Is there anything more miserable than a sea of soggy wet grey bodies huddled together on public transport at 8am? I can’t say I have ever been one to tow the suited and booted line. Ok so turning up to teach an academic day school in harem pants might have gotten a few confused looks but that’s just me. There are ways you can twist the term work appropriate however, in more subtle ways. This feature in Vogue homes in on using fresh summer palettes for traditional tailoring. Crisp white and baby blues or sand with chambray seem much more appealing. I think the easiest thing to play around with are accessories. I have always been a fan of wearing statement shoes with simple suiting. Here Vogue have gone for a quirky flat brogue which would be perfect this summer paired with a turned up trouser hem. Alternatively a stunning pointed stiletto in faux snake skin with the leather ‘Lavacourt shoes from Guess for the heel’s girls. You could also try working with handbags and jewellery. A white bag always screams summer and this season loud and proud earrings pack a punch.

How will you be updating your look for the office this summer?

19 thoughts on “Work Wear – Not a term I tend to use

  1. As someone who has to wear a polyester tunic and shapeless trousers to work (I do that for you Britain, nurses are caring people) it makes me quite sad when people don’t make an effort.

    My uniform is really strict, but I always make sure my shoes are polished, I have nice make-up and hair. Then I see all the admin staff looking like they, not only got dressed in the dark, but shopped in the dark too. I shocked them today by telling them I bought a handbag that cost a weeks wages. Apparently one of them doesn’t spend that on clothes in a year. Yes, it shows. Stylish and professional are not mutually exclusive.

    Slightly off topic Pearl, sorry. I got a bit randy. Should I give them all your blog address?

    • Ha ha I love a good rant! My best friend is a nurse. He tried a pair of Crocs ones, I think they stayed on his feet for ten minutes ha ha! There is a long narrow corridor on the way to my office with a shiny floor, everyone says they know its me because I skip down it in my heels! I love that old corridor its like my runway. I just think life is more enjoyable if you wear something that looks nice and most importantly makes you FEEL good! There is nothing worse than seeing a rumpled old shirt. You can get good quality basics now for a reasonable price and if you look after them they will last. Send them to me I will have them kitted out in no time, just pass me the iron 😉

  2. This may sound funny but because I’m still in my teens and thus don’t need to dress for the office I always find my self pouring over the glorious work wear spreads in Vogue and Elle almost ruefully – because if I were to wear some of the stuff in them on a weekend I’d be deemed too ‘smart’ or whatever. In reality though, I suppose I will get a chance to don some chic workwear when I leave school – and I will definitely be making sure that it doesn’t fall into the boring grey suit category! x

  3. We’ve been discussing ramping up our work wear in the office so we don’t feel boring. I still need to have a suit ready for meetings, etc so I bought a dark grey suit but wear hot pink tops with it and high peep toe shoes with little ankle socks, it makes me feel professional with a bit of a twist. xx

    • That sounds perfect, I have a grey and a navy suit both of which I wear my tartan heels with and the socks always the socks xx

  4. I live in a mining town, in the desert (= very hot Summer, no Winter), and work in a prison (not as a guard!). So, my workwear ‘look’ is conservative, covered-up, and a touch daggy. The aim is to look unattractive, no as not to invite any unwanted attention from our clients. I wear fun shoes, and that’s about it. The sartorial limitations are the thing I dislike most about my job.

    • I can understand that, I spoke to a lady once who worked as a teacher in prisons and she said the same thing. With jobs like that your safety must come before fashion. Its similar for me in the lab regarding lab coats, goggles, gloves, flat safety boots luckily I don’t do that side of things very often any more.

  5. I am always drawn to workwear spreads – I think it’s because I’ve always liked the blouse/pencil skirt silhouette. I like the simplicity of the clothing items, and as I get older tailoring kind of does it for me…! I’ve been lucky in that I’ve never had corporate jobs, but if it came to that I’d have to wear fabulous colours and textures. The thing I struggle with is casual wear – hence my foray into posh sweatshirts… 🙂 xx

  6. I tend to show more skin when not at work (I work in a school so decency is obviously important). But although I keep it covered up, I happily use colour and vintage trends all the time at work (indeed vintage is PERFECT as it’s smart but creative looking) and mad shoes. My latest love is a bit of 70s workwear, like Cagney & Lacey or something!

  7. I used to work as an Accountant for a local Accounting firm obviously with a strict dress code (suites and so on; oh, I was told I was lucky because used to they even required pantyhose and I hate pantyhose).
    As a stay at home mom, it is also easy to fall in a trap of wearing soccermomwear: sweats (or even worse -capri pants) and old tees. So easy to hide behind clothes. I’m really disgusted when people are trying to blend in and all look exactly the same instead of showing more personality. Even people who can afford expensive brands sometimes look so boring as if all wearing the same uniform of brands. My sister was visiting me from New Jersey on Easter and she said their uniform up there is all Burberry.

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