Beauty: My Summer Scent

Every season I like to change my make up, it gets me in the mood for the shift in weather and makes my wardrobe feel fresh. It is┬á easy to notice a bright new nail colour or lip stick but fragrance is a lot more subtle. Visually that is, as I feel the scent I wear really reflects my mood. Idealo kindly offered to send me my choice of a new fragrance just in time for summer – well actually it seems we are still waiting for the sunshine! Usually I reach for the bright colours as soon as we leave February behind us, but this year I have been drawn too much cooler shades. Ice blue and slate grey, colours of ice and the sea. Perhaps leaning to more of a minimalist style. I think my hunt for a new fragrance continued this theme. I have never been a soft, fruity, sweet scented person. I always prefer unusual scents, something heavy, very deep woody, if floral then rose and lavender, patchouli, earthy, spicy scents, very rich. My current favourites are Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, Boudoir, Let it Rock; Chanel No 5 eau Premier and Jersey; Comme des Garcon Wonderwood. All strong, intense scents.

I didn’t want to stray too far from my old favourites but I did want something totally different, no easy feat if I didn’t want to go down the light and airy route. I spent hours roaming around the fragrance hall of department stores and rubbing magazine page samples up my arms. Lots and lots of lovey scents. I came very close to choosing the new Roberto Cavalli perfume, very ambery it transported me to summer in Milan. But it was Tom Ford to win me over. I very much liked Violet Blond but felt it was slightly similar to my other floral fragrances. As I teetered the sales assistant Jack suggested I might like to try one of their men’s fragrances Grey Vetiver. The earthy patchouli was an instant hit, but combined with fresh citrus perfect for summer.

What scents are you loving this summer?

4 thoughts on “Beauty: My Summer Scent

  1. Current favourites are Viv’s Naughty Alice and Let it Rock; Stella McCartney’s Stella (original version); and Lush’s Karma.

    I like to go for a lighter scent in the Spring, but still with depth. I was thinking of Lush’s Dear John for this year. It’s a man’s fragrance with a clean fresh smell, but you’ve intrigued me with Grey Vetiver and I’ll check that out first.

    I love Anglomania, but it seems impossible to get hold of these days. I don’t suppose you know a reliable supplier?

    • They discontinued Let it Rock, Anglomania and Libertine unfortunately so you can only get it on ebay or sometimes TK Maxx has it in. I love the Karma range from Lush it is gorgeous isn’t it!

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