One of a Kind Vintage and The Secret Room

Mini mountain of Vivienne Westwood shoes

I had the pleasure of visiting One Of A Kind vintage, Portobello Road, London and being invited to see the fabled ‘secret room’. OOAK is a jam packed shop, with rooms that twist and turn everywhere you look. The rails reach the rafters, no space is left bare, the motto seems to be if there is a space, fill it! The stock ranges from all eras and all styles, you name it and I guess you could find it in there. The thing which makes the shop so special however is the room closed to the public, viewable by appointment only, which holds the collection of rare and designer vintage goods. This was the main reason we decided to take a day trip down to London, having spoken to the shops enthusiastic manager and discovered not only did he stock vintage Vivienne Westwood but that he was a collector himself. As I had been so excited to see a collection of vintage VW, I knew Rich and Jen (fellow VW collectors) would feel the same so they joined Lawrence and I for the venture.

Unfortunately the manager Jeff couldn’t make our appointment for some reason, which was disappointing as even though his sweet assistant showed us around, it was Jeff who really had the knowledge of the collection. Even so we delved right in and as soon as we stepped through the back door, it was like entering Narnia. Even more crushed for space than the main shop, this little room held so much treasure, a real Aladdin’s cave. One foot through the door and I stepped into a mountain of Westwood shoes, a real mixture of styles from different collections. It was like being in a museum crossed with your best-friends closet as we sat trying on shoes which we had only seen in history books. There were many pieces we would have liked to have taken home, but things were not priced to sell. Rather the shop seems to make it’s livelihood from renting out items to celebrities and stylists.

The two stand out pieces for me were the mint green Witches trainers, the style was often worn by Vivienne herself during the 80’s. I had often wondered how they worked with the 3 tongue system so it was interesting to examine a pair. Jen tried them on with her jeans and they looked so modern, perhaps they will get a reissue soon. By far my favourite piece was a ‘Buffalo girl’ skirt from Vivienne’s Nostalgia of Mud collection. The sales assistant didn’t know what it was and so I discovered it by change as we went to leave hung on the back of the door. I hadn’t see quite how much detail went into these skirts, the embroidered leaves impossible to see from photo’s and the Peruvian inspired print full of character.

It was a fun chance to see pieces up close and personal, thank you OOAK for letting me take photo’s to share on here with you all.

‘Tied to the Mast’ collection SS1998

Seditionary Boot c1976

Pete Burn’s Vivienne Westwood boots

Gold Pirate boots, sample

The red ‘Face’ purse is early Westwood

Three Tongue trainer ‘Witches’ collection AW 1983

Bag Customised with the Chanel tattoo’s from the SS 10 collection

Buffalo skirt ‘Nostalgia of Mud’ collection AW 1982

Update: Since you asked approx prices: Vivienne Westwood shoes ┬ú2,000-3,000; Chanel handbag ┬ú3,000; 80’s gilt Westwood and Chanel jewellery ┬ú1,000. Many things were not for sale only rental so I think the prices reflected this, as I already said things weren’t really priced to sell. You can view some pieces for sale on the OneKind Online Shop.

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  1. I’m tempted to print these pics out and hang them around our house so when I get told I have too much stuff I’ll just point to them and say “Look! It’s NORMAL!!” x

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