Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Nov 15th 2012

H&M announces an exclusive collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela for autumn/winter 2012 on November 15th, for both men and women to launch online and in 230 stores Worldwide.

This I admit did shock me, I mean MMM who are at the forefront of conceptual design how will that translate into cheap clothes? Perhaps we will see the basics of the design philosophy, with oversized white shirts and angular blazers. I wonder if a Tabi boot hybrid will be included? I hope not. I have to say I am very skeptical about this collection, MMM always seemed so pure and untainted by the fast fashion and commercial band wagon. The designer himself choosing to say in the shadows, something of a recluse, even his clothing labels with their numbered sequence are somewhat anonymous.

When the brand was bought out by Diesel in 2002 there where whispers that Martin was not happy and wanted to leave due to creative differences, or perhaps more simply he wanted to retire. The head designer’s job was reportedly offered to Raf Simons in 2008 and later Haider Ackermann who both declined. It wasn’t until 2009 when it was officially announced that Martin had not been working for the house for sometime, it was also announced that no one designer would take the helm, but the label would be designed by a small team. Many true MMM fans have stated their disappointment with the brand since Martin left, perhaps the H&M collaboration is being done in attempts to bring a fresh audience to the brand which must be suffering since Martin took leave.

ÔÇ£MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA is one of the most important and influential fashion houses of the past three decades. I am so excited by this collaboration which will give fashion lovers around the world the chance to wear special pieces by MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA. This collaboration will be a great and memorable fashion momentÔÇ£, says Margareta van den Bosch, creative advisor at H&M.

ÔÇ£We are very happy to present MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA pieces with H&M, offering a new interpretation of our vision. The democracy of our fashion has always been at the centre of our creativity, and the collaboration with H&M allows us to push this instinct further. We will bring together the contrasting universes of the two houses in ways that will surprise all.ÔÇØ MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA


MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA is a French fashion house which has always followed its own path, often outside the conventional fashion framework. The Maison believes in the absolute importance of the collaborative nature of its team rather than the individual, where its ideals are founded in the desire for concept and creativity. Constantly questioning the norms of fashion and presenting its pieces through the technique of deconstruction and transformation, the collections reinvent volumes, modify shapes, change the original use and movement of garments and derail classic notions of fashion.

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