New Companion

Oh Hello, my new little friend, my chum, my everyday companion. I am a bit funny when it comes to handbags, I get attached to one that I can use everyday, throw all kinds of junk in laptop, brolly, notebook, make-up, even spare shoes. Don’t get me wrong I have a fair few other bags but they are mostly clutch bags or occasion bags. When it comes to my everyday bag it has to be big and roomy, yet still comfy to carry. As we move into Autumn/ Winter I started to fancy something more structured and smarter than the soft canvas sack bag I’ve been hauling around all summer. When I saw this Vivienne Westwood Derby bag in the New Exhibition tartan, with its nice sturdy shoulder straps and rectangular body, I knew it would be perfect. I will give it a proper showing off soon, but couldn’t wait to share it with you. It was fresh out of the box this morning, handfuls of junk flying from old to new and slung over my shoulder. Then of course in my haste as the day went on I realise all the things I forgot, but hey I’ve got a new bag who cares if my hair is a mess (forgot the brush) or the bus driver got mad at me trying to pay with a note (forgot my loose change).

Do you get attached to one bag or are you a swapper?

6 thoughts on “New Companion

    • Ha ha oh no I would be in trouble if I had any more dogs 7 is quite enough, although I could fit Bella in this bag ha ha xx

  1. Oh, it’s beautiful! Can’t wait for it’s proper showing off! I’ve had my Balenciaga City for about 3 years now & I have used it every single day since I brought it, so I’m definitely one to get attached! It was also the only way I could justify the cost to myself! Hah!

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