Outfit: Little Chanel Jacket

(Wearing: Chanel, bag, jacket, shoes, necklace; Zara skirt; Cos t-shirt, vintage belt)

I am sure by now you have heard about Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘The Little Black Jacket‘ art project, in celebration of how iconic the boxy, boucle Chanel jacket has become. It involves photographing many famous, fashion faces styling the little black jacket in their own way, to show just how universal it is. What I would really have liked to have seen are photo’s of real people who actually own and wear the ‘LBJ’. You often get a glimpse of them, these wonderful women who just exude Chanel, when you visit the boutiques. Only on the quite days, usually in the mornings, it is a world away from the hustle of ‘Chanel tourists’ encountered on a Saturday afternoon. I can’t say I am interested in those who just want a huge entwined CC logo to brandish. What I find interesting are the quite ones, those who appreciate the luxury and often with true luxury comes subtly. I could watch these Chanel ladies all day. But of course Chanel appeals to all ages, even their own ad campaigns are featuring more and more young and hip girls such as Lily Allen and Alice Dellal. Which is cool, I like to see Chanel worn in a rough and ready way, I like the brash 80’s gold jewellery too. There are many faces to Chanel.

As for the jacket? Yes, it is true what they say there is nothing more comfortable. You could never imagine a tailored jacket being as easy to wear as a hoodie but it is, you could sleep in it! I chose gray rather than black and didn’t have the sleeves altered to traditional bracelet length either. I think it is the braiding that get me, I can’t tell you how much I like the braiding. Also knowing the braiding was woven by a little old lady out in rural France, the same lady who has always made the Chanel braiding bent over her heavy loom. I’ve had this jacket a good few years now and have worn it a fair but, it never seems to look any older. Coco designed the jacket to look good, but over all be practical. Chanel remain one of the only high fashion houses to weight the jackets so that they hang correctly, with a thin chain around the hem. Each jacket has enough fabric so it is able to be tailored up or down 3 sizes, something many women rely on through pregnancy. If you are looking for one of your own on a budget I would say stalk eBay and consignment stores.┬á What else can I say, yes, yes, yes it is all that it is hyped up to be.

Chanel also launch their new fragrance tomorrow. It has been kept under wraps, the name not even being released it’s so exclusive. I was lucky enough to receive a preview and all I can say is the name is very Chanel! The scent, is rich and warm with oriental notes. It will be my AW scent for sure. Do go see for yourselves if you are out and about tomorrow, it is very different from the other Chanel fragrances, but also instantly classic Chanel at the same time. The last Chanel scent I bought was Jersey from the Exclusive collection, which I absolutely adore. It is my favourite scent┬á lavender based which most people don’t seem to like from the reviews online. I have also worn No 5 eau Premiere since it’s launch a few years ago, which is a lighter version of the original No 5. I know we haven’t even had summer yet but it is things like this that are really getting me ready for Autumn.┬á A new scent, then new make up collection, along with the A/W fashions hitting the rails, makes me feel all warm inside.

Anyone else wear Chanel fragrance?

8 thoughts on “Outfit: Little Chanel Jacket

  1. Love the jacket and especially the shoes:) I’m looking for something vintage Chanel but this is also a big quest. I’m wanting something from the 50’s. I Just blogged a couple days ago about a magazine article about Chanel. Maybe you haven’t seen it before? It’s on my blog, if you are interested. It was in Harper’s Bazaar in 1954.
    I’m looking forward to smelling the new fragrance thanks for the heads up!

  2. I love the Chanel aesthetic. I’d love to own something by Chanel one day. Like you say, I love that classic, under-stated, chic Chanel look, but also love the hipper, younger Chanel too.
    I love Chanel No. 5, but I don’t think I’m ready for it yet. I’d feel an imposter wearing it. One day, when I’m a real ‘grown-up’, I’ll be able to wear it, and I like to think I’ll be transformed into one of those chic Chanel ladies.

  3. I love that grey jacket, styled so perfectly of course by you!

    A friend of mine used to work for Chanel, she got an amazing suit as ‘uniform’, which she still wears today…lucky girl.

    For me, Chanel always conjours the big opulant gold and quilting of the 80s… I’m such a child of the 80s hahaha!

    • My mum wears Coco so just a whiff of that instantly reminds me of her, I like to borrow her things because they smell like that, its comforting.

  4. I currently only wear Chanel No. 5 or No. 19. In the fragrance world, there is nothing like Chanel! I’m quite curious about new Coco Noir (not released here til mid month, earliest) but doubt it will move me the way 5 and 19 do. I love the scent of original Coco, however, and I have worn it.

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