Outfit: The Rain and Other Problems

(Wearing: Vintage Burberry trench, vintage leather boots)

Apparently it’s summer, I’m not at all convinced! What exactly are you supposed to wear when it’s chucking it down but really muggy hot? One minute it’s boiling the next you are covered in goose-pimples! Ah yes I know so British moaning about the weather but as a Northerner I do feel cheated that the only nice day of summer I’ve had was when I was in London. Just one day I got to wear a summer dress and sandals, sigh. So I’ve given up, I give up on you selfish Summer!!

Ok, ok I’m really still hoping we will be blessed with an Indian Summer, at least when I am in London for Fashion Week because there are beautiful things hanging in my wardrobe which desperately need an outing. First and foremost this Elie Tahari beige suede jacket, oh yes BEIGE SUEDE, I know what kind of crazy buys such a high maintenance jacket, but look at it!! It’s got more tassels than an 80’s table lamp how could I resist? Who care’s if I an only wear it one a mildly warm and extra dry day, I freaking LOVE IT! It was one of those things where I saw it, touched it, tried it on, pretended not to see the price tag and ran to the check out, hugging the carrier bag all the way home, where I promptly spent the evening dancing around in front of my mirror it it! I’m thinking since it’s short sleeves now might be the time to admit weather defeat and try wearing it underneath anther coat like my trench. What I think will be perfect with this jacket are the Missoni shoes I got ages ago, oh yeah equally as impractical in multicolored crochet but oh so pretty!

Jacket Elie Tahari from TK Maxx, Shoes Missoni from Spartoo

You see the real problem I have is buying and wearing practical clothes. The above outfit for example, sure it follows all the ‘rules’ of classic, chic style. I am forever being told that a trench and tall leather boots are on the ‘ten items every woman should own’ list and all that but OMG I FEEL SO PLAIN!! Sorry I know, I know I should be embracing the stylist mantra but I really, really struggle to wear an outfit like that. Same goes for blue jeans and a white t-shirt, yes it is an easy base for an outfit, yes you can dress it up with shoes and jewellery but it just doesn’t feel right for me. Sometimes I flip through the pages of Vogue and see all the cool French fashion editors in their jeans and Breton tops and look at myself in the mirror and feel like a bit of an overdressed Peacock. Yet for some reason I just feel more comfortable rolling around in a vat of Vivienne Westwood. I find it quicker and easier to get dressed in some insane Westwood outfit in a rush in the morning that I do in a plain t-shirt and jeans. It doesn’t make much sense I know, in theory it should be the exact opposite. So yeah I could probably throw on the the Tahari jacket and Missoni shoes with a white tee and blue jeans, it would look great but it wouldn’t look like me. I could wear them with a little black dress and say the same but there is some tiny fashion-crazy inside my head screaming AZURE BLUE DRESS!

I think perhaps the problem I have with simple, classic, call-them-what-you-will, clothes is that you can’t really hide behind them. When you wear a plain white t-shirt you don’t really notice it, as opposed to when you wear one with a crazy print or slogan blazoned across the front. I guess I feel more ‘naked’ wearing something simple than I do wrapped up in some fantastical, OTT fashion, more vulnerable. My clothes are my armor. They also offer a form of escapism, you can be Dorothy of Oz in a red pair of heels or even the Wicked Witch in a long black gown. Life is more fun if you get dressed up. Clothes can be comforting too, I am sat writing this now in an appalling dark grey hoodie, yet it is fleecy soft inside, I can pull up the hood and snuggle into it, it is almost like wearing a hug. It is my ‘ill hoodie’, it just makes me feel that tiny bit better, comforted and secure as my body acts like a total jerk.

Thank you to everyone asking how I am doing on my new medication, it is too soon to say if it is having any positive effects and so far only minimal side-effects, however this week I have been plagued by so far unexplained muscle-cramps (like when you pull a muscle in sport but it doesn’t go away after hopping up and down for 5 minutes). So that has slowed me down a bit this week and involved the dreaded hospital but other that I’m ok.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday!

Do you have any strange fashion habits? Are you a simple or pile it all on kinda person?

13 thoughts on “Outfit: The Rain and Other Problems

  1. Go for it Pearl! Add some Westwood to this ensemble:). You said it so perfectly about clothing being an armor and a sense of escape. I know it sounds weird to be an escape yet at the same time being able to be more aware of yourself then when you pop on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I hope your medication blends in well and offers you comfort and relief!

  2. Such interesting musings on plainness and practicality and lack thereof, thank you. Love your outstanding impractical pieces and look forward to seeing them on, and the summery outfit you linked to as well – you are amazing and unique!

    I highly recommend letting go of “should” when it comes to things considered classic staples. They work well for many people (or some “classics ” will work well for some, others for others) but if they feel uncomfortably plain to you, no reason at all to try and make them.

    Best wishes with the treatment, sending good thoughts to you, dear Pearl.

    • You know I really should throw out the pile of jeans I have, they really don’t suit me so I don’t know why I keep thinking one day they will magically look different!

  3. Hi Pearl, those 2 pieces are incredible (the shoes, wow!!), and you’re right, a blue dress would look so exquisite with them! I agree about the fear of simplicity, it feels like exposure almost, I much prefer the idea of clothes as armour and a little bit bright and fierce. Hope you’re beginning to feel better xxx

  4. Your suede jacket is absolutely stunning! I had a vintage burberry once and like you felt that the classic look just didn’t suit me. I bought some more fanciful rainwear instead. I often bow to practicality when I get dressed as my lifestyle demands it but I totally agree with you that life is more fun when you get dressed up!

  5. That jacket is gooooorgeous! AND THOSE SHOES OMG.
    Hmm, I don’t find that I hide behind clothes, actually! Though you COULD say that wearing makeup at all is hiding? Maybe? I don’t think I completely agree with that, but I know it’s happened to people.
    I guess my bad fashion habit is not wearing heels enough? I have feet that are really wide in front but insanely narrow at the heels, so finding heels is hard – my feet can be slipping out while my toes are squished – so I almost never wear them, yay high-heeled booties that hold my feet in (and converse, lol), but I should really start more. I was wearing my used-to-be-comfy low-ish heels to a wedding last night and they were killing way faster than they should’ve considering the height of the heel, *sigh*.
    Feel better! Let me know how the pills eventually work out!! 🙂
    – Laura

  6. I agree with you totally, life is more fun when you get dressed up. That jacket is beautiful!

    Hope the medication works for you and you are feeling better soon.

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