Hell’s Angels – Jena Theo SS13

Jena Theo SS13 ‘Hell’s Angels’

With the collection entitled Hell’s Angels and the invite embossed in gold intricate patters intrigue was created before we even took our seat for the presentation. Wonderful storm clouds at sunset were painted around the room creating a dramatic back drop. Angel’s did indeed come down in gossamer silk, shimmering sequins and iridescent beads. Yet they were grounded with twisting patterns of snakes, skulls and insects, invoking what would be found below the damp, cool ground. Splashes or rich ochre and burn umber gave a feeling of energy and the flow of purpose. The use of cow hide and tattoo designs echoed connotations with the earth, with living organisms. The prints, the textures, the cuts combined to make a the perfect urban wardrobe. Chunky, woven leather, cut-out Chelsea boots, balenced out floaty tops over skinny jeans and lent a casual edge to heavily embellished gowns. The female form was celebrated in corseted vests and the use of sheer chiffon. This wasn’t just a beautiful collection, it was a desirable one. A collection you could easily imagine woman wearing in the city let alone in the heavens.


You can view the full collection in my Jena Theo SS13 FaceBook Album

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