Outfit: Alien Jacket- Oversized Men’s Tailoring

(Wearing: all Vivienne Westwood – World’s End ‘Alien Jacket’, ‘Alex’ belt, ‘Animal Toe Court shoes in black suede, Gold Label ‘Gage’ shirt; American Apparel leggings)

┬áI’m not really into the wearing of leggings instead of trousers, I prefer to wear them under dresses or skirts. But I have a selection of oversized shirts which come down long enough to get away with it and I think this is a great look, a bit sexy. A look I wear all the time.┬á What I don’t usually do is wear a jacket over the top but it was chilly so I threw on this Alien jacket, with the over sized shirt and oversized tailoring it is quite a masculine looks so definitely needed heeled court shoes and a slick of lippie to balance it out. A bright pink belt for an extra girlie touch!

13 thoughts on “Outfit: Alien Jacket- Oversized Men’s Tailoring

  1. What a fab jacket- I like how you’ve paired it with leggings- giving both a eccentric look and remarkable approachability to designer duds. I’d love to run into a woman at the coffee shop who’d dress like this- fun yet practical. Lovely, Madame Pearl.

  2. Love it!! you look great love the new makeup you have been wearing and love your bangs pulled back as well. I tell you I all this VW on your blog has definitely influenced me I sewed up some cute pants and got the pockets wrong on the back of them they are low and off center and you know what I said hey if Vivienne can do stuff like this I am gonna roll with it my own version of Worlds End pants hehehe ~Great pictures love how you showed the layering step by step ~Love Heather

  3. Pulled off perfectly! Hmm congratulations to you. I have never though of using men’s blazers and jackets for my own outfit! The belt is a great accent!

  4. Your alien jacket in that fabrication is one of the best things I’ve ever seen! I’m trying to get one when I visit London in December! Looks great!

    • OMG what a crazy coincidence Lisa at WE was just telling me about you yesterday, such a small world with Westwood ha ha xx

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