Vivienne Westwood Warehouse Sale Haul!

You asked and you shall receive, here it is my haul from the Vivienne Westwood Warehouse / Sample sale which took place in London this weekend. I’ve already talked about it the sale a bit and posted some phone snaps up on the blog’s Facebook page – go check it out if you were wondering how long the queue was, put it this way I couldn’t see the end!! I went down with my buddy Rich, traveling down from Manchester on the day and getting there half an hour before it opened and there was already around 50 people in front of us (I’d gotten up at 5am as it was so no I couldn’t have gone earlier ha ha). We waited eagerly, throwing side eyes at everyone in front of us as we itched to get inside.

Our time came and it was what I can only describe as absolutely insane. On my first circuit I couldn’t spot any Gold Label clothes which is what I was really after so I went right over to the shoes which was surprisingly quite. I snapped up three pairs and had to fend off Rich who was trying to make me get about ten more pairs ha ha- if money was no object right!┬á I ended up with a pair of boots, a pair of court shoes with a large heart and a pair of floral mules. I still couldn’t find any clothes so I went off to the second room to look at the bags. As I was laden up with goodies who should we bump into but Boy George, as if I wasn’t over excited enough already this nearly caused me to have a break down. He was so friendly and down to earth and an incredibly beautiful man. For those of you who didn’t know, Boy George has been my hero since I was a little girl, Karma Chameleon was the first every record I had and I would make my mum braid my hair with ribbons just like George! From nowhere Rich acquired me some Gold Label and we made it to the pay desk before I collapsed with the heat and generally being squashed like a sardine. I went to sit outside and let Rich tackle the accessories for us and got to chat to some lovely fellow Westwood fans. When Rich emerged about an hour later I steeled myself to go back in for the jewellery which was pretty much pillaged by then but I snaffled a few pieces. I also bumped into one of my favourite blogging buddies who was skiving off work so I won’t name names ha ha! Sale prices ranged from ┬ú5 for earrings up to ┬ú160 for Gold Label gowns.

After the sale we of course had to end the day with a visit to World’s End where I picked up my new ‘AR’ cap and a calico sample jacket which was used for the AW 2011 collection. I pretty much didn’t have a clue what I had ended up with until we raided our bags on the train but I’m somewhat amazed I ended up with complete outfits.

1. Gold Label silk dress, Red Label bolero, Silk cap, Metallic printed suede boots

2. Gold Label ‘Africa’ print dress, purple orb bag

3. Red Label dress, floral print heels, ‘Pearly Queen’ orb necklace, lilac ‘Alex’ belt

4. Calico sample jacket, Gold Label blouse, ‘Broken beads’ necklace, rubber pin badges

9 thoughts on “Vivienne Westwood Warehouse Sale Haul!

  1. Wonderful! I have been trying for months to find the orb necklace, are they made every season? Believe it or not I loved BG too – still remember the first time he appeared on Top of The Pops and my little brother who was 5 or 6 at the time asked ‘Is it a boy or girl?’ lol! I gave a very PC answer.

  2. Oh, Pearl, wow!!! Fantastic haul, and beautifully-put-together outfits, just amazing. Can’t wait to see especially the bolero, “Africa” print dress and floral mules on you, though you will surely do it all great justice. 🙂

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