How to Look Chic for Halloween

Witch? Devil? Mummy? Sexy bunny (cringe)?

I absolutely love Halloween parties, I love getting dressed up and going wild for the night. I love wearing masks and fake blood. But seriously there really is only so many times you can pull off evil fairy and that glitter takes weeks to finally be rid of it all! I’ve also been asked a few times, what do you do if you don’t like fancy dress? Well there is no reason at all you can’t go out and enjoy Halloween in something more chic than Herman Munster’s threads. The best option is to just ‘Halloween-up’ a regular outfit. Here I have chosen four purse friendly evening dresses from Next which can be styled up, best of all you still have a gorgeous frock to wear you can wear again.

The easiest way is to start with a dress that has a bit of a Gothic edge, black lace, sequins, sparkle, velvet, brocade. Then you opt for a simple lace mask for an elegant masquerade vibe – perfect with this pumpkin orange shift dress. If you still want to add a dash of fun to your look try a pair of horizontal striped tights, a green and black pair instantly say ‘witchy’ without the hook nose and boils, paired with this glimmering LBD. A subtle look is Vampire, just wearing a pair of fangs with a blood red velvet dress is much more Vamp than funeral -pire! If the sexy-bunny look is still calling out to you, try a more subtle version such as the black lace ears made famous by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen over a sweet pink dress, the Gothic black embroidery detail adds a darker edge leaving people guessing if you are sinister or sweet.

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Which look would you choose?

8 thoughts on “How to Look Chic for Halloween

  1. Hi my dear! So lovely to have heard from you, thanks for leaving your nice comment recently and I hope you are bearing up well! Although i didn’t comment, I did keep up with your LFW posts which were fabulous and it sounds like you had an awesome time at the shows! Now the kids are older, I don’t really celebrate halloween much now, but I do like the plum dress you’ve featured! Have a good week and weekend xxx

  2. What a fun post! I think I would choose the first dress…I love the classic cut and the modern fall color. I love the second dress too, but I think I would go more traditional with it and wear on New Year’s eve.

    I love getting dressed up too in costume for Halloween dance parties! So much fun.

  3. Good advice. I also love Halloween and put a lot of effort into my costumes. My preference isn’t for generic types (e.g., witch, pirate) but for specific persons who have current cultural importance. I find it fun to celebrate their popularity. For example, two years ago my wife and I dressed up as Ralph & Alice Kramden from “The Honeymooners” (I was Alice). This year, we’re going as Max and Caroline from “2 Broke Girls.”

  4. Those models are so lovely. I especially the one in the pumpkin colored costume. I think I love that the most! Anyway, i am so over the slutty bunny costume. I don’t like that anymore.

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