Mini Makeover: Updating the Home for Winter

I am really getting into the Winter spirit. The mornings are starting to have that crisp feeling, the Autumn leaves are covering the ground and it is time to wrap up warm. I’ve pulled out my winter coats and still need to go scrabbling around to locate the box my scarves are in. My light and breezy bedroom didn’t feel quite right not reflecting this. With its tropical pinks and turquoise it just seemed, well, a bit too summery. So I though I would give it a mini-makeover.┬á I pulled out my big faux-fur throws, a mink one for the bed and a cream one for my chair.┬á I had a gift voucher for Achica which I had been saving and decided to treat myself to these gorgeous cushions by May Lean. I’ve mentioned Achica before I think, it is one of those members only sale sites, all you have to do is sign up with you email and then you can shop all the amazing sale goods at your leisure. Unlike other sale sites this one isn’t just for apparel but home wear, wall art, beauty, travel, food and drink and all sorts of luxury items. The only slight disadvantage is that┬á products are only sent out after the sale ends (7-20 days depending on the specific sale), so I had to wait 3 weeks from ordering until delivery. But since I was saving more than 50% I thought that was worth it, I mean seriously how much of a rush can you really be in for cushions? Worth baring in mind when buying gifts though. If you are looking for expensive home wear on the cheap I can really recommend it and if you just fancy a browse it is worth a look too, right now they have Tom Ford sunglasses and Elkin jewellery I am eying up for Christmas presents. I also like the fact that they get in brands and items I wouldn’t usually see shopping the high street. If you are stuck for inspiration they have a very good Pinterest page too, lots of lust-worthy home wear boards. I love having the London skyline twinkling at me.

Have you ever shopped with Achica? Do you upadate your home as well as your wardrobe?

2 thoughts on “Mini Makeover: Updating the Home for Winter

  1. “… I mean seriously how much of a rush can you really be in for cushions?” = awesome! Your chair looks wonderfully cozy, and ripe for chucking a pile of clothes onto for those happy styling surprises.

    I wrote about similar North American retailers, which do also carry items for the home. I would say that the decor / organization things can be more interesting than the clothing, but somehow I’m not tempted to buy. This is possibly because I don’t have the same style-scarcity-feeling regarding around-the-house things as I do with the unusual clothing I prefer, i.e. can’t get around here by shopping in person. My post:

    • You post is really interesting as I’d not considered what buying clothing off one of these types of site would be like – that you cant switch a size would annoy the hell out of me! I’ve never bought clothes from one, Ive bought a necklace before and these cushions which I also bought some bath stuff in the same order so all things that you can’t really go wrong with. I really don’t like shopping for home wear so if I can do it online and for cheap its a win-win for me.

      The necklace I bought was a Mawi one, a brand I can’t usually afford so I was signed up for alerts and really happy when they got a sale up as Id wanted something from them for ages (I posted it – in the end my necklace broke so I had to send it back, the manufacturers fault not the online shop and they did actually send me another one so I guess it depends on each separate site – the second on broke too, the string kept snapping so I got my money back.

      I guess my over all opinion is that if you are saving enough money from using one of these sites then its worth it, but also be aware of how they differ from regular online shopping sites – such as not being able to switch a size / the long delivery time.

      LOVE you buys though absolutely gorgeous outfit, as always!! x

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