Outfit: Vivienne Westwood Union Jack & Military

Wearing: Vivienne Westwood Worlds End Shirtwaister dress, Vivienne Westwood Union Jack tights, Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Japan Military cap, vintage Vivienne Westwood Heart buckle red shoes, Vivienne Westwood Gunmetal Skull stud earrings.

The Union Jack print has gotten a bit of a bad rep, mainly thanks to the Jubilee and numerous drunken blokes baring all in flag printed boxer shorts! If we forget the Blackpool pier cheesy souvenirs the print itself is actually one of my favourites. I have always liked the flag of the United Kingdom, I always think your countries flag makes you feel at home somehow. As a British designer Vivienne Westwood has famously used the Jack throughout her career, deconstructing the print in an almost abstract-vintage way. She used it again this season in the Gold Label collection in dresses and drop-crotch trousers. For Vivienne Westwood menswear a beautiful pair of smoking slippers were christened with the print. A bank balance friendly option are these tights in the same print, Dame Viv wore them herself in a recent shoot for Interview magazine.

As for the shoes, well I have wanted to share them with you for ages. The are from the On Liberty collection and the highest shoes I own. Yes, they are difficult to walk in, not so much from the height but because the platform is very squishy, it feels very strange. These are very much ‘posing’ shoes, I have a fear of falling flat on my face, must need more practice! You may recognise the heart buckle design as it was recently reproduced for the Vivienne Westwood Melissa range. I’m sure you are all sick of the sight of this dress but I just love it, I have it in red too but wear this one most. I would do anything for one in tartan, I keep pestering everyone about it, surely they will cave in eventually!!

On Liberty AW 1994

Love or loath the Jack? How do you feel about your own countries flag?

22 thoughts on “Outfit: Vivienne Westwood Union Jack & Military

  1. You are so VA VA VOOM in this dress, it’s fabulous!
    I have never owned an article of clothing with the American flag on it, though I know it’s somewhat of a summer staple here. But now that you mention it, yes, it is a comforting sight, very familiar.

  2. I love your tights, though I’m generally not keen on union jack clothes, I think they are often a bit tacky. Plus, of course I’m not British!

  3. This look is perfection! I seriously want to steal that hat from you! And that dress was absolutely made for you! Love!

    I love a Union Jack, but then again I live in the US so every time I wear something with one on it everyone thinks I’m British (not such a bad thing)! I almost bought the smoking slippers at a sample sale this year but they were out of my size!

  4. Sweet lord!!!! That frock has to be made for you surely? Did Viv take one look at you and say “I’ve gotta show off that fab rack and fabularse bum in the frock-of-frocks”!!!!? xo

    • I think that’s why I always wear Westwood everything is always the perfect fit for my shape. If Viv really loved me she’d make me a tartan one ha ha x

  5. Wow Pearl you look amazing. Love this look on you. Never apologise for wearing that dress. And you have one in red. Lucky you and I agree on in tartan would be necessary. Xxxx

  6. Wow you look amazing and I love love those shoes and the tights are fab! At work we have a framed Union Jack that Far East prisoners of war made with materials such as parachute silk, its a beautiful and poignant reminder of how important the flag can be. xx

  7. Wow, this outfit is style perfection, really adore that dress! Yes, sometimes people can overly do the printed flag wearing, however I have seen it done tastefully like here, although not usually my style, I do love it subtlety worn.

  8. That dress is so spectacular on you – I don’t think it’s possible to tire of it. Do go ahead and enjoy your lovely favourites! The cap and shoes are wonderfully dramatic, and I like the subtlety of the tights as well.

    The Canadian flag design doesn’t much lend itself to fashion other than very sporty / casual, but I find a pin or patch marvellously helpful when travelling.

  9. That dress is amazing! and it looks great with the hat, tights and shoes. I love the Union Jack, I think the colours are so bold and happy. I guess clothing that features it just as it is can be a bit cliche so perhaps better if it is a bit decontructed or abstract.

  10. OMG Pearl! You look so damn sexy in this dress!!! I’m with Desiree – this dress was made for you!
    And I LOVE the Union Jack tights and red shoes and beret with it! You look like one of those hot pin-up girls from the 40’s!

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