Airstep Winter Boots

I love getting a new pair of winter boots to stop around in. After my old army boots bit the dust I was debating what to go for this year. You can’t beat uggs for warmth but they aren’t the best shoes for walking dogs through muddy fields. When I saw these Airstep boots I was made up, with shaggy sheepkin and thermal insoles they combined the army and ugg boots. What is really cool is that the leg has a thin wire in the seam so that you can fold them up or down and they hold the shape. Have worn them most days since getting them, they are really comfy.

I hadn’t come across the brand before, this is their philosophy “Since their creation in 1972 near the Lac de Garde in Italy, Airstep has combined tradition and innovation. Quality materials and modern technology come together in the manufacturing process of their models for an unparalleled quality and design. Deeply rooted in the legend of Italian shoe making, AirStep creates audacious and creative models each season – perfect for fashionable urbanites as well as those looking for a stylish, sleek shoe.”

They have tons of gorgeous new styles, I am lusting after another pair. The tan ‘Page‘ are such a rich colour and would work well into spring too. Ah I know, we have only just had the first frost, well doesn’t hurt to think ahead right?

What do you think of Airstep, ever tried them?

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