Hello 6″ Platforms!

ÔÇ£Shoes must have very high heels and platforms to put womenÔÇÖs beauty on a pedestalÔÇØVivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood’s 1990 ‘Portrait’ collection was all about stepping out of a painting. Vivienne was hugely inspired by the Wallace Collection taking inspiration from things she saw there. With prints taken from Andre Charles Boulle furniture transformed into black velvet dresses with gold leaf. Details from Francois Boucher paintings were made into waist cinching corsets, pearl chokers and drop earrings adding to the opulent look. The key to the collection however were the pedestal’s the models were put upon, the 6″ platform heels. My black suede platforms are from that first collection, though you can still have a pair custom made from Vivienne’s shop today. Due to the sturdy platform and chunky heel they aren’t as difficult to walk in as you might think. I would only wear them for a night out, however it makes me smile to think in my teens I used to wear a pair of boots with this heel daily! These days I am lucky if I can manage a night out, ah the joys of youth.

Portrait collection and cabinet from the Wallace Collection

Vivienne Wore a pair of patent platforms to collect her OBE, she also flashed the photographers too!

A few years later Vivienne created the Super Elevated Platform shoes, which Naomi famously fell on the runway wearing. Here she is with Kate moss in looks from the Anglomania 1993 collection, I adore this photo of them. How I would love Kate’s coat.

You can see this great video of Vivienne taking a tour of the Wallace Collection and explaining the influence it had on her collections.

(Other images courtesy Vivienne Westwood Ltd)

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  1. i was just gonna post almost exactly the same comment as dotty sarah above, id totally take that photo of kate&naomi an dblow it up to poster size to hang on a wall!

    your nostalgia for teen shoe habits made me smile, i feel like that too! x

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