Outfit: Uniqlo Heattech + 100 Giveaways

 (Wearing Uniqlo HEATTECH polo-neck and leggings, Marc Jacobs jumper, Vivienne Westwood skirt, Guess shoes, Fendi Clutch, vintage belt, Roberto Cavalli H&M ring)

Because the folk at Uniqlo are very nice and also because they believe in their product so much they have decided to giveaway 100, yes 100 items of HEATTECH clothing away to my readers!

If you have no idea what HEATTECH is well it’s a really great concept, clothes which retain the heat but without the bulky layers of traditional thermals. The designs are also really on trend and fun, ranging from lace trim leggings to vibrant print bobble hats. You can take a closer look online to see the full range and learn about how HEATTECH works. So, does it work? I hear you ask, well in a word yes. I’ve been living in these leggings which are so comfy paired with Keds and an old baggy plaid shirt. I layered up this outfit here to purposely show you just how fine the HEATTECH is, you could invisibly wear the leggings under trousers when it gets really cold. What else I was impressed about was that if you get hot the HEATTECH doesn’t cling or go all sweaty, it really breathes, leaving you comfortable at all times. What can I say I’m sold.

So if you would like to try out HEATTECH four yourself, for FREE no is your chance! All yo have to do is send me an email to:

fashionpearlsofwisdom at googglemail dot com

and the first 100 will receive a code which they can take into Uniqlo and exchange for a free item! Easy as that. There are a few T&C’s which are outlined below. The main thing to note is that they code can only be used in the Oxford Street, London store by the 18th Nov 2012 – so if you can’t make it down there by then please don’t take a code which someone else could use.

You can also interact on Twitter with the #HEATTECH tag and on their Facebook Page


Giveaway T&C’s
1. codes issued are redeemable at Uniqlo 311 Oxford Street ONLY
2. Each code entitles the participant to one item of HEATTECH clothing only.
3. Codes can be redeemed until 18th November 2012 ONLY.
4. Offer only valid until stocks last.
5. Uniqlo (UK) Ltd maintain the right to withdraw this offer at any time for any reason without notice.
6. Uniqlo HEATTECH clothing will be distributed randomly based on size and gender of successful campaign participant. Participant’ HEATTECH samples can only be redeemed from valid in store redemption points. Participants cannot swap their given item with any stock on the shop floor, and cannot exchange their sample once redemption in compete. Nor can the sample be refunded for any monetary value in any Uniqlo (UK) Ltd store.

Have you tried HEATTECH before? What do you think of the concept?

12 thoughts on “Outfit: Uniqlo Heattech + 100 Giveaways

  1. First, I’ve got to say: you’re looking more gorgeous – and younger – every day! Probably because of Jen’s serum (I glanced at the post below ; )

    Yes please! I got a pair of their heattech leggings a year or so back and I love them. I need to email you asap because today would be my only chance to get to Oxford Street. Thank you, Pearl: as you do know, I do love Uniqlo!

    And I love so many things in this post.. I love pink lips with your hair, skin, eyes – I’m typing with that pink on one hand and orange on the other, precisely because I can’t wear colour on my lips (well, technically I CAN, but I don’t like how it looks – I’m too old. But not for nails: that’s my own little Jill rule). And I love the ring, and your nail effect.. I thought at first it was reflection, it’s little flecks of gold! Awaiting your DIY post ; ) x

  2. I’ve always wondered whether heattech was any good! I’ve seen so many ads for it, but was never quite convinced. I do like this outfit, the tailored skirt plus slouchy belted jumper, and a polo neck for perfection (I’m obsessed with polo necks). And just to continue the gushing, your nails are great – I wish I had the patience to achieve that kind of effect!

  3. Ah, what a shame that I’m not going to be anywhere near London over the weekend. I have to say that this looks like a great way of layering in warmth without compromising on style.

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