The Original Crinoline

Crinoline 1860-65, sprung steel frame covered with wool and linen, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

I saw this beautiful crinoline at the V&A during my last visit. Looking up close at all the wire involved, made from steel and how it would hang from the waist by a slim belt really makes you reaslise how uncomfortable, even painful they could have been. Yet wear them women did. It doesn’t seem to matter what decade or country you look at in history, there will always be people going to extreme lengths for fashion.

One thought on “The Original Crinoline

  1. Wow, that is amazing! I was actually going through a book called “Extreme Beauty: The Body Transformed” which discusses things like foot binding and crazy small waists from corsets, and how these were the “fashions” of their times…what do you think they would have thought of 6 inch heels in the 1800’s?

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