Tiaras – Not Just for Princesses?

I always figured the best part about being a royal, or about getting married for us mere mortals, would be the chance to wear a tiara. They are perhaps the one remaining thing which remain traditional and have never quite entered mainstream fashion. The Queen’s tiara collection has a fascinating history as well as be strikingly beautiful. The Burmese Ruby Tiara has “96 rubies set into the tiara were a present from the Burmese people. The number of stones represent the number of diseases that the Burmese people believe can afflict the human body. They credit the ruby with prophylactic properties guarding the wearer not only against illness, but also against evil”. Whilst speculation was rife for week regarding which bridal tiara Kate Middleton would wear to wed Prince William. The tiara she did wear was the Cartier Halo Tiara, lent to her by the Queen, herself inheriting it from her mother on her 18th birthday. Today’s bride might not have a valuable heirloom to call on, but a stunning array of handmade and vintage tiaras can be found. Bejeweled hairbands, hair combs and facinators are also an option for something a little more subtle.

What started me off on this topic was seeing Vivienne Westwood in a tiara from her new Gainsborough Palladium collection using the precious metal. Yes Dame Viv can get away with wearing anything she pleases. In fact she is often seen wearing her little horn tiara. But I find myself wondering if it really is time for the tiara to make it’s way into more informal dress? Georgia May Jagger fronts the Palladium jewellery campaign, donning tiara, chandelier earrings and a slouch t-shirt, she looks cool and nonchalant.

Dame Viv wearing a horn tiara to collect her OBE at Buckingham Palace

Since our Viv’s Palladium tiara probably retails out of my price range – it available by special order, I can’t say I see myself wearing one down to the supermarket any time soon. I have pondered a pair of the horns a few times however so you might see me in a pair of those soon. I do seem to take any available opportunity to wear a tiara, I had a flashing tiara on my desk whilst I was doing my PhD which I would sit and wear around the office on a Friday – eccentric maybe. I also seem to go for the Halloween outfits which involve a bit of tiara action, hence fairy coming out a few times. Well who could resist a pink fluffy tiara and matching wings?

Being a fairy in 2007

(Image credits: all Vivienne Westwood courtesy of Vivienne Westwood Ltd, models wearing tiaras all Rosie Willett designs, Royals via Hello Magazine)

4 thoughts on “Tiaras – Not Just for Princesses?

  1. Maaan, I’d love to wear a tiara every single day. And actually I did when I was about 14.. for a while at least. I think I thought I was Courtney Love or something. You look like Britney in the fairy pictures!!

  2. I don’t think I could everever wear a tiara in real life and take myself seriously. You started following my blog ages ago and I can’t believe how long it;s been since I came back to yours. My, how things have changed!

    -Desiree, >a href=http://www.popomaticdeluxe.com>Pop-o-matic Deluxe

  3. im waiting to get married so i can rock a tiara with my wedding dress (haa!)

    i love your photos from 2007, you look like you should be in a hole video or hanging out with courtney backstage!

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