Boxing Day Sales Buys & a Mini Rant



Look 1: Vivienne Westwood Gold Label ‘Loden Dangerous Animal jumper’; VW GL ‘Gablel Union Jack trousers’; VW vintage elevated court shoes

Look 2: VW GL ‘Fur Bolero’; VW GL ‘Money vest’ top; VW GL kilt, VW GL ‘Sack’ boots – with attractive bruised knees from ice skating

I snapped these photos just after getting back from the sales with my swag. I only took them to show some friends on facebook since they were heckling me (love you guys) and wasn’t going to put the outfits up on the blog until I had time to go outside and take some decent photos. Then I got a bit annoyed with the pressure bloggers are being put under lately, pressure to produce photos which are magazine quality. I started this blog with a pocket camera, taking self portraits in the bathroom mirror at work so I’m pretty sure my photo quality wasn’t the main selling point. Sure I love having time to create gorgeous outfits with lovely back drops, but I don’t write this blog full time, I have a job to do, on top of being sick a lot of the time and don’t always have time to set up photos, let alone find someone to help me do it. So I am flipping the V at the blog snobs because it goes against the fundamental purpose of blogs – the freedom to post whatever the hell you like!

I found the sales a bit rubbish this year – good on one hand since I don’t need the temptation but not particularly exciting. I’d had a few things from Vivienne Westwood on my wish list and was surprised to see them go to 50% right away. Since it was such a big discount I picked up the things I really wanted rather than wait until the final mark downs. My favourite thing by far are the union jack print trousers, they are just so wearable and of course I had to have something in the money print – the ‘vest’ is actually a long sleeve hi-low top. On the practical side (cough, cough) I got the ‘Animal’ jumper – always need more jumpers, and the bolero which is going to be perfect over sleeveless dresses. I have been swooning over the LOVE necklace all summer and was delighted to get this, the crystals are a very pale green which is a nice touch. Huge kiss to my mum for aiding and abetting the VW addiction- she is just as bad as me I swear!


Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and so treats in the sale!

22 thoughts on “Boxing Day Sales Buys & a Mini Rant

  1. Wonderful sales buys, you look great in them all : ) I completely agree with the photo/blogger thing. There’s too much pressure to be a writer, editor, model, photographer, stylist, makeup artist and PR manager required to produce posts worthy of a spread in Vogue…and all unpaid I might add! I’m crap at taking photos and splashed out on a very expensive camera, which I couldn’t really afford to be honest, but felt my blog needed it (especially after my other camera broke). There’s too much pressure all around (and not enough time) to do all those things and get them perfect each time and people forget we have lives outside of blogging too.! There’s my rant over!

  2. Thank you for the mini rant, Pearl! I too feel pressure- self inflicted I suppose of wanting to put down quality posts, but I don’t have the resources- no photographer boyfriend, not enough time or money to just style a shoot and prance about. Thank you for reminding me that personal style blogs isn’t about looking like a magazine, it’s about sharing real life style with real life people.

    You’ve got some great sale items- as always I think of you when I see a great VW piece. I look forward to the pics of your outfits, when you do have the time and the place.

    Happy New Years by the way!

  3. Haha if anything my blog has regressed (like me!) I post whatever junk comes from my head now.

    I got some Viv tights for Christmas! You’d love them, they’re neon pink and lime green Union Jack!

  4. Love your blog! So full of energy and good content. And I agree with you that blogs are ours for the making — we don’t need to conform to anyone else’s ideas. You’re doing great!

  5. Lovelovelove those trousers. Foo on anyone who hates on the less-than-magazine photos. I do my blog with a point and shoot, and yes sometimes mirror shots. It’s what I’ve got. We’re not in magazines – we’re real life fashion lovers.

  6. Waahh I’m so jealousy, I’m so in love with the LOVE necklace as well, it’s gorgeous! And thank you for your comment on my blog, I got so happy since your are one of my favourite bloggers

  7. I love your sales treats. the money vest is great! I agree with you about the pressure to have amazing photos on the blog, I don’t post as often as I used to and I think this could be why, but then I guess it is me putting the pressure on myself. I do think that there are lots of blogs out there with great photos but the outfits and posts bore me. I am more interested in interesting outfits and beautiful clothes than artistic photography most of the time.

  8. Hi my dear!! Hope you had a fab Christmas, I adore your Vivienne Westwood sales pieces, I was in Liberty’s in London on Thursday and my son coveted the money scarf, the print is amazing! You look great in both outfits, take care and enjoy the festive break, happy new year! xxx

  9. Fab VW buys. I love the trousers and the money vest.
    I agree with your wee rant. I have just noticed the rise of the blog snob over this year and it does make me smile. I’ve had emails about tips for better photography and how if I paid for other peoples banner designs, I’d have more of an impact and ‘increase my audience’! I’s a middle aged woman’s ramblings about stuff, for god sake!
    Keep doing what your doing….we love it!
    Happy new year.

  10. Well said! Seconded as someone who also juggles demanding work and health issues – blogging is such a fantastic change of pace from all that, no way I can let it become another chore. Excellent sales scores – love the pants and bolero very much – everything about this post is great, except your poor bruised kneesies, aw!

    A Happy New Year to yo too, Pearl! xo

  11. Amen – I use a point and shoot camera and a timer, always have. I am way too busy to do professional-quality photos!

    Love your VW stuff…*drool*.

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