Harrods Fairytale Christmas Windows

Nothing gets me into the Christmas spirit more than the lights going up and the windows being transformed into winter wonderlands. Manchester hasn’t had spectacular windows since before the bombing which is a real shame. As a kid it would be a day out to go and see the windows unveiled. So I always try to make it down to London to see the window’s there, this year Harrods created the most magical fairytale windows. The windows were created not only using costumes but real merchandise from the store including clothes, accessories and jewellery. The smaller display windows focused on designer jewellery and watches, many gold and glittering. Cascading diamond necklaces and gob stopper cocktail rings.

Can you guess which tale they all belong too? The Chanel one? No, not a traditional fairytale, but maybe a modern one?

5 thoughts on “Harrods Fairytale Christmas Windows

  1. I always thought it would be neat to live somewhere with a big department store and decked out windows I wonder if they still do this in New York City? thanks for sharing loved the pics

  2. So lovely! The Christmas windows at Harrods are every year a highlight. My favourite ones have been the Wizard of Oz themed, two or three years ago. Do you remember them as well? Thanks for posting this, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see them this year! Love, Sara xx

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