The Shoes I Wore 2012

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I thought it would be cool to take a look at what shoes I’ve worn over the last year. Some pairs I only wore once, others pretty much daily! My least worn shoes are the Louboutins, in fact the two pairs you see here are no longer with me. My inflammatory arthritis just got too bad and I could no longer wear them without being in pain. But hey when Christian Louboutin himself says “I try to make heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty, sexiness. Comfort’s not my focus” you start to think maybe he’s a bit of a douche bag. I still have my toffee round toe Loubies but seems like their comfort was a bit of an accident! As always the comfiest shoes by far for me are Vivienne Westwood. This year I have worn to death my gold ‘animal toe courts’ and black ‘Bondage’ boots.

It will also be known as the year I finally trashed my red ‘Mary janes’, after 7 or so years of wearing them in all sorts of weather a torrential down pour in Northampton finally stained the toes forever. High street brand of choice goes to Zara for really well made shoes at cheapy prices, my purple and red sandals were a bargain at ┬ú30! The big shoe trend this year has been the wedge sneaker, I still have a hilarious tale of woe on that front – I was sent a pair, for review, only to be sent a pair with a 2cm heel difference, hmmm. So failing on that front the closets I got to the sporty trend were the Y3 ‘Torsion’ heels and the Vivienne Westwood ‘Tracey trainers’ who found themselves on loan for the Sneaking into Fashion exhibition.

How many pairs of new shoes did I get this year? I dread to think but two pairs which made a huge impact on my collection were the vintage VW ‘Elevated platforms’ and the vintage red ‘Heart Buckle’ stillettos – bartered for whilst running around a hospital car park trying to get reception on my Blackberry, with a iffy email account and my even iffier French! I wasn’t entirely sure until they came what I had bought. Those are the highs, what about the lows? Well this year I wore a fair few pairs of flat shoes, my trusty Chanel ballet pumps took a back seat as I stomped around in Air Step furry boots, VW ‘Roman 3-Strap’ sandals, VW ‘Pirate boots‘ and even a pair of Keds.

What other shoes are memorable this year? Well I can’t go without mentioning my burnt gold LK Bennett pointy stilettos. A serious bargain from TK Maxx these saw me through February’s London Fashion Week and many more occasions. The brand itself being thrown into the limlight thanks to mega fan Kate Middleton and I can see why she relies on them for style and comfort. I am not sure I could truly call a favourite pair but if I had to I would say the red VW┬á ‘Animal toe Mules’ take a top seat. Why? I really have no idea, they are a funny looking shoe and for years I hated the style. I wouldn’t even have tried them on if not for me being at a private sale type thing and they were there in my size. I originally wanted the regular court shoe (and still do) but figured I might as well give them a try. I did and I fell in love with them. The only pair of red ‘Animal toe courts’ they had left were in a size up, so I took them home for my mum – and yes I have tried stuffing them with insoles and parading around the house in them, and no I can’t get away with it ha ha! But they are definitely on my ‘save up for’ list.

There you have it, a year in shoes. Up next a year of my favourite outfits.


10 thoughts on “The Shoes I Wore 2012

    • Hmm tough question The Y3 were very comfy as they were padded like a trainer. Other than that all my low heel Viv Westwood are comfy for heels xx

  1. Oh Pearl, seriously wonderful collection and outstanding year-in-review, the best yet! Love the “lows” too – well, except for the Mary jane ruination, so sorry! While I do look forward to your favourite outfits, I’ll just be hanging here a while. 🙂

  2. Best ladies shoe collection ever! I agree, Westwood shoes are some of the most comfortable designer shoes made! Hope you had a great New Year’s!

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