11 thoughts on “Kid in a Candy Shop

  1. Oh my god, those horns are so perfect! I’ve been wanting some spiked headwear for ages, I love how these are quite subtle, but when you notice them it’s like ‘wow!’ ÔÖí
    Can totally relate to the first photo as well! Haha! 😀

  2. Love the horns! Have to say a BIG thank you – thanks to your FB post that the piped courts were being discontinued (and they are my absolute fave), I made some phonecalls and bought two pairs – am a very happy, broke (and relieved) girl! Thanks for being the VW fan you are :)

    • I know so sad I <3 them so much… but they are bring out some amazing ones to replace them!! Amazing you got some and stocked up 😀 XX

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