New Vivienne Westood Shoes (in Exchange for Hypothermia)

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Any one who has been reading my blog will know how long I have wanted a pair of Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse shoes for. I nearly had a pair once, an eBay snaffle but they were too small – makes me wonder now if they were my size at all? Why, well because when I tried the pair on I got they fit perfectly, plenty of room in the width and so very comfortable. I got these from Worlds End as a reward for being made to stand outside and have my photo taken in just a dress, in that weather! I was so cold I thought I was never going to get the feeling back in my hands. Well worth it ha ha! I could have got the Clompers which I wore in the shoot but I figured I would wear these more. The Westwood sale is still on so do check it out if you are after a bargain! For other beauty and fashion discounts you can check out NetVoucherCodes a great site for money off coupons. At the moment they have Spartoo and Kurt Geiger vouchers, since we are on the topic of shoes. Anyway I’ve not had chance to wear my new shoes yet, since the weather has been so bad so here is some inspiration, Lisa (manager of WE, image VW Ltd) and a shot from Tokyo street style.

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5 thoughts on “New Vivienne Westood Shoes (in Exchange for Hypothermia)

  1. Gorgeous although I prefer the Clompers, I think they are ultra cool! Life as a model ain’t easy! I can recall modelling for a friend at Uni, next to a river in the Scottish Borders (freezing) and having to get changed out in the open because the car was too far away and by that time, I just wanted it to be over as quickly as possible (plus nobody else was there anyway). Walking back to the car and these old fishermen appear from nowhere wondering what we’d been doing…turns out they’d been perving the entire time! I ended up with a really bad cold, not to mention the loss of my dignity and my treat was a little less glam than a pair of VW shoes…..a McDonalds!

    • Ha ha oh no pervy fishermen, it ain’t at all glam is it. I’d hate to have been thin and tall enough to be an actual model… well maybe not the thin and tall part 😉

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