What Pearl Wore 2012

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Last post we had the shoes of 2012 now for the outfits. Going through the photos the main thing I notice is that I really don’t take enough photos, so many outfits that I never got a snap of. It is hard getting daily photo’s since I don’t always have time or there isn’t somebody on hand to help me. But I will try harder for 2013.

I really can’t choose just one favourite, there have been so many things I’ve worn to death though. My little Vivienne Westwood brown kilt was fished out the back of the closet and paired with an old Aran knit and beloved pink boots. My VW velvet shorts are also something I wear all the time. In the summer vintage dresses were my go-to item. High Street shops of choice being Zara and TK Maxx. I don’t know it’s all such a mix!

Do you have a favourite look?

18 thoughts on “What Pearl Wore 2012

  1. I can’t pick a favourite – there’s just so much good stuff in there. I love that your fashion is so fearless! You look dead pretty with your fringe back too – I’d never seen your hair like that before! It’s great down too, mind! x

  2. Ha, still identifying the looks by the shoes worn with: I’m especially loving everything you wear with the pointy bronze pumps, the Y-3, the vintage turquoise slingbacks with matching tights, the multi-coloured print dress with the silver VW t-straps …

    oh no, there’s just too much awesomeness, I’m naming them all, lol

    the blue-checked top because I recall that post with my heart, the gold-embellished zippered sweater with the amazing shoulders, the stripey mix with again with the bronze pumps, the trench coat over the red stripes and the outfit just beneath it with the printed tights under the rich brown skirt with the slits, and everything with the Union Jack tights too! You are always spectacular!

  3. just discovered your blog, absolutely thrilled to see all those vw outfits and shoes on a real person! looks great, so inspiring.
    my favourite outfit is the khaki dress, magenta cardigan and red shoes, looks very cool.
    carry on, looking forward to your new posts,


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