Why is it Never in my Size?


Tried this gorgeous Vivienne Westwood Anglomania drape dress on in the Selfridges sale. It was a real bargain alas too big for me – it was all tucked up in the back of my belt. I will be keeping my eye out for a similar one though, I love red and it goes so well with the Union Jack tights. Hope the lucky lady that ended up with it enjoys it! Can’t really complain though I did get my share of bargains this season, including something extra special, a Vivienne Westwood Cupid tiara and a McQueen ring – will show you soon!

8 thoughts on “Why is it Never in my Size?

  1. Oh that dress would be gorgeous on you!! love the red… You should look for a seamstress someone who is creative and could handle a little bit of tailoring with the Vivienne stuff. I know you probably don’t want to alter the designers clothes but it’s an idea? Hope you find one though it is so pretty!! ~Happy New Year ~Love Heather

    • There is a great tailor in town I use, but this would have been near on impossible due to the material and how much needed altering. I think any alteration would have ruined the way it is meant to hang xx

  2. I think I have that one in black, but the red is stunning indeed. Such a shame it wasn’t in your size, still as you say in the sales you win some and lose some! I am sure your bargains were fab!

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