Wrapped Up!

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Wrapped up warm in my Vivienne Westwood ‘Vivienne’s’ Cloak which I got at World’s End. I love wearing it, so soft and snug, just like walking around in a blanket really.270811_512941462059901_233210544_n

I thought it was funny to see this photo of Vivienne herself, it looks like we are in identical outfits! In fact it is only the way the photo’s are cropped, for the MAN show Vivienne wore the pink dress with grey suede Clomper ankle boots, whilst I wore the jumper version of her dress with tartan shoes and trousers. Vivienne always looks really cool, she has such great style.

7 thoughts on “Wrapped Up!

  1. You look just like her hehehe although you must so some very dramatic shots of the whole cape please 🙂 I want to see more of it!! You look fabulous as always Love Heather

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