My Stella Magazine Worlds End Feature

After teasing you a few weeks ago with some photos from a photo shoot I did at Worlds End I can now reveal what we were up to. That is of course if you haven’t see it already, a feature published in last weeks Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine!


The article features on me and two other ladies who are dedicated to one designer brand, of course mine is Vivienne Westwood! It was such a fun thing to do, huge thanks to Lisa, Jess M, Jess E and Anna. I got to wear the Clomper shoes for the shoot, I love them so much! I should also note the article is written in my academic name as we wanted to get a plug for an up coming exhibition I am curating – more on that soon! They forgot to put that most people know me as Pearl. I am also wearing the new tartan Shirtwaister dress, rose Skeleton necklace, Chaos cap and Chaos socks. Vivienne herself chose the socks and shoes to be worn together, a look she wears often. The other photos show some of my vintage Westwood treasures which I think you have all seen before on the blog.

You can read the feature online ‘London Labels of Love’

Man Wisdom: Paying the Price for Looking Good

Male grooming has been on the increase over the past few years, and shows no sign of slowing down as more men than ever are choosing to spend their cash on beauty treatments and products. Everything from specialised menÔÇÖs face wash to ÔÇÿmanscapingÔÇÖ their legs, chest and other delicate areas have resulted in a boom in the male grooming industry, and market leaders have been taking full advantage of this new phenomenon.

The most popular grooming products in 2012 were shampoo, body spray, shower gel and fragrances; though many more also use lip balm, moisturiser, hair spray and fake tan as part of a regular beauty regime.
The most popular brands used by men are not always the most recognised. While Adidas, Hugo Boss and Gillette have been found to be the most recognised brands by men, Lynx comes top with the most popular brand men use on a regular basis. Many designer brands such as D&G, Guess and Diesel are avoided by some men due to their association with femininity, and the likes of Maybelline and Max Factor, while widely recognised, would never be used due to the female audience.


It would seem that while men are happy to embrace the stereotypically feminine past time of waxing, plucking and pruning, but only if itÔÇÖs ÔÇÿjust for menÔÇÖ. Market experts have quickly realised this, hence the metallic looking bottles, ÔÇÿmorning after the night beforeÔÇÖ wording, and the presence of bootilicious women lusting after the men in ad campaigns.

ItÔÇÖs not all glamor and pampering though, as new stats from show more than 14% of men have suffered injury for their vanity. The top five treatments to have caused injury were UV tanning (20%), spray tanning (16%), hair cut or dyeing (13%), eyebrow waxing or threading (12%), and leg waxing (10%).

Perhaps the most shocking thing about these stats are the female counterparts. Men are four times more likely to sustain an injury from using a tanning bed than women, and eight times more likely to experience trouble when spray tanning.

As with all human progress, perhaps this could be due to womenÔÇÖs ÔÇÿevolutionÔÇÖ within the beauty industry, and with men still new to the process they could still have a thing or two to learn. Perhaps future generations of beauty-loving men will look upon the new comers of the 21st century and gasp in horror at the mistakes made by the first generation of salon regulars.

(Guest post for a male-eye view)

Comic Relief: 50 Ways to Wear it


I am sure you already know that TK Maxx have joined with Comic Relief and Stella McCartney to design these fun Red nose day t-shirts to raise money for the charity. I took mine along to London Fashion Week and wore one each day – such a shame it was so cold and I didn’t get to show them off as much as I would have liked! My favourite way to wear the t-shirts was with a pretty, floaty skirt and sky high heels.

DSC_6855 DSC_6860

Now you can share your own ways to style the Comic Relief t-shirts and help raise awareness for Red Nose Day by uploading you photo to the TK Maxx Facebook page and clicking on the 50 Ways to Wear it app tab. Just ‘like’ the app page and upload your photo, easy as that!


If you don’t have your t-shirt yet they are available in TK Maxx stores and online here in women’s, men’s and kids sizes and a range of designs.


LFW AW13: Vivienne Westwood Red Label

DSC_6439DSC_6397 DSC_6248 DSC_6392 DSC_6364 DSC_6356 DSC_6306 DSC_6212 DSC_6264 DSC_6294  DSC_6178  DSC_6198 DSC_6429 DSC_6167 DSC_6418DSC_6157DSC_6433DSC_6425 DSC_6260

Climate Revolution is the only means towards a sound economy. When the general public massively switches on to this fact we will win.

What’s good for the planet is good for the economy.

It seems rather trivial to go on to talk about clothes when┬á the message Vivienne is trying so hard to get across is one of utmost importance. I have spoken before about the Climate Revolution, not wanting to repeat myself I will just mention the new part of the Climate Revolution Charter Vivienne handed out on the show notes. She used an emblem of two snakes eating each other to represent ‘climate’ and ‘economy’ and how they go hand in hand. Pointing out how our economic system is run for profit and causes huge waste.

Even though the Red Label collection is quite far removed from the outlandish designs Westwood is know for, we can await the Gold Label show in Paris for that, it has design sensibilities of its own. Red Label is now a go-to for the working woman, perfectly tailored suits, easy to wear figure perfecting dresses, prim cardigans. This ethos was echoed by the final model storming down the runway with a clipboard in hand. Was she busy at work, or busy saving the planet? There is no denying these are beautiful clothes, with tailoring quirks characteristic of Westwood which can be dressed up or down as the wearer may choose. The choice for the show, owing to tradition, was to push the boundaries in the hair and make-up departments. The model’s appeared like a Lichtenstien graphic, all bouffant hair and vivid coloured make up, the lines of the face broken up and played around with. There were no forlorn tears over hapless boyfriends from these girls however. Westwood’s girl is always a fighter, forever imbuing the punk spirit as the Dame does herself, taking her walk wearing the t-shirt she designed in support of Julian Assange.

The show opened with a rugby striped midi-length coat in cobalt and maroon, thigh socks to match of course. The tiger stripe was key to the collection, tying together everything from cocoon jackets to a statement metallic dress with layers and layers of tulle underskirt. The pallet was shades of blue and red highlighted with baby pink and shimmering pewter. The influence of the new Red Label design team (Vivienne herself does not design the collection, rather her team takes inspiration from previous works) which was first seen in SS13 is still evident. As with the previous season there are pieces which don’t quite fit with the usual Westwood aesthetic – the loose fitting sequin top, with a vintage 80s feel stands out, however I think they are settling in well. The tailoring of the jackets with the silver orb buttons is a nice touch from the archives whilst the iridescent beetle leather jacket stole the show. Also new to the Westwood team are the shoe makers Peron, replacing Meg as of SS13. I have been divided about how I feel for the loss of Meg, having created many classic designs for Westwood but also fixating of late on the virtually unwearable ‘Skyscraper’ heel – detrimental to sales I am sure. Peron delved back into the shoe archive for SS13 restyling classic boot designs from the SEX years wavy top with kitten heel and taking the Prostitute shoe to new hights- literally, there was a style to suit all tastes. This season the Strobe shoe was back, a large ‘tongue’ licking over the shoe vamp with a cone heel. The Melissa shoes were featured again, this season in transparent and pale pink with oversized chain-style ankle cuffs.


Street Style: At the Vivienne Westwood AW13 Show


The beautiful people at the Vivienne Westwood Red Label AW13 show. I am sure you can spot a few faces, Lisa looking like a punk princess, Daniel Lismore, Philip Salon. Let me know if you see any other street style photos from the show, a few people took photo’s of me and my friend I’d like to see. There are a few other shots on my Facebook page which weren’t great quality but interesting all the same such as one of Peaches Geldoff and a lady in a vintage Heart jacket!


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW


Ladies Day at Cheltenham Races

article-2114851-122A21B9000005DC-735_306x530 article-2114851-1229DF9B000005DC-343_306x498GYI0063956741_522799sarticle-2114851-1229E10A000005DC-916_306x498FB4787422F16727B44AD17B9BD5E0image-6-for-royal-ascot-2010-ladies-day-gallery-933519484

Cheltenham Ladies Day is soon approaching and I was asked by bookmakers Ladbrokes to give some tips with regards to finding the perfect outfit for attending. I think it defiantly depends upon your own personal style however I personally would air on the side of formal attire from what I have seen in reports of the occasion. The most important part of any race-day outfit has to be a hat or facinator. Choose something large and bold as you please, but keep it tasteful, this really isn’t the place for anything comedy. There are three main options when it comes to hats, you can match it with your outfit, keep it neutral or go for a contrasting statement. When matching it is best to choose paler shades or just match the hat to one piece of the outfit. The Queen is the perfect inspiration for this, always matching her over coat to her hats, here in pale lilac. If you would prefer to keep the hat neutral this is a great option when you want your dress or coat to be the statement piece. It also means you can wear the same hat with numerous outfits.Straw hats or beige, sand, black and brown are good colours to go for. If you really want to make a statement with your hat however the contrasting it will ensure it stands out. You can choose to colour-pop using a bright colour such as orange against a black coat or colour-clash using a colours which battle against each other such as an orange hat with a fuchsia pink coat. The other thing to think about is hat embellishment, you can have anything from feathers, bows and flowers. If you want something simple Pill-box hats are an elegant style which sit on top of the head still reveling most of your hair style. Where as a bonnet style will conceal most of the hair – something to consider when styling your hair. For an added air of mystery you can experiment with veils or half-veils, perfect with a Hollywood red lip for a touch of old school glamour. Most of all wear with confidence and a smile, something I don’t need to bet on for a winning look!

(Images from BigPicturesPhoto, PA and Getty)

LFW AW13: Day 5

DSC_6032DSC_6033 DSC_6034 DSC_6036 DSC_6039

Finally time to take you on a tour of the accessory exhibitions at London Fashion Week. For many of the accessory designers it can be difficult to display their designs. Even if their hats or shoes are used in a runway show the can be overlooked or hidden beneath long dresses or trousers.  The exhibitions are the best way for buyers and press to see the new collections and pick up on new trends for the next season.

My friend Mich Dulce designs beautifully intricate millinery using woven and sculpted techniques to create sleek designs with a touch of whimsey. Bows and triangles which often give the appearance of little kitten ears and a personal favourite. I snapped Anna Dello Russo wearing one of Mich’s designs last LFW. For this collection the designer introduced intricate bead work in bright colours, for a modern take on tribal. The beading delicately cascaded down from the hats to the shoulders. Here you can see me with Mich, we met through our Vivienne Westwood connections and love of extra high heels. You can also see Lawrence too flipping through the lookbook in his statement Louise Gray cardigan.

DSC_6043 DSC_6045 DSC_6046

One big trend which has been bubbling for sometime, but will hit AW13 with a bang is velvet. French Sole shoes had some gorgeous styles from paisley velvet smoking slippers to lush forest green and plum velvet ballerina’s. The ribbon tie jazz-shoes and pointed Mary-Janes indicated that the jumping 1920’s and swing 1960’s will be sticking around too.

DSC_6055 DSC_6058

In the New-Gen room we were welcomed with the chance to admire Simone Rocha and Sister by Sibling designs up close, both designers have a real eye for detail.



We were also treated to the chance to play around with gum-ball machines filled with designer pin badges and sweets, so fun!

DSC_6069 DSC_6070

I’ve been harboring a deep desire for Sophia Webster, her shoes are like pieces of art and candy combined. She is one of the most creative shoe designers around and I am happy to see her wares appearing up North now too in Harvey Nichols. On a purely selfish note it is my goal to snag a pair of her shoes or one of her amazing clutch bags for myself this year.





I have to read you a piece from the Aurora Ozma millinery ‘Backseam Bullet’ AW13 collection press release “the haute ritualistic, avant-surrealist headwear collection. Reflect upon a deathly serene scene fo meticulously magical headwear of bitter-sweet majesty. Backseam bullet reflects upon influence such as the Belle-Epoque, tattered American-tan stockings, girdles and a fascination of the fixation of repulsion…All executed with cut-throat balletic grace and hand witch-crafted precision in London, England.” You love her already right! From twisting turbans, flowing veils, boaters and berets Ozma took her ‘poisoned’ hand crafted blackberries and deliciously covered her hats with them, on naked kid leather and pools of black glitter they shine bright. A sumptuously devilish collection.


I had a lengthy chat with Liam Fahy about the shoe industry and how shoes are displayed (more on that soon), but what struck me first were the rows upon rows of┬á perfect shiny, silver eyelets. This kind of thing pleases me immensely. My attention was then draw to the collections show piece, the flashing disco boots, covered in tiny flashing LED’s. Creating a show piece give the designer the opportunity to push boundaries and run wild with design when the retail collection has to adhere to sale and manufacturing constraints. But boy do I know so many of you who would love to have a stomp around in these!

DSC_6822 DSC_6823 DSC_6824 DSC_6826

Emma Yeo headwear designs told us some really interesting fact about the construction of her AW13 collection ‘Innate Reaction’. Inspired by the delicate moth the fragility of the insect was translated though the designers trademark laser cut wood pieces. The designs might look fragile however they are in face very tough, having to be sanded and treated they withstand a lot. They are also very light, not at all heavy as you might expect. Each hat comes in it’s own wooden hat-box too, a detail I appreciated.

Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

LFW AW13: Day 4

Street Style

DSC_6798 DSC_6873DSC_6880 DSC_6885 DSC_6878 DSC_6849 DSC_6845 DSC_6844 DSC_6842 DSC_6839 DSC_6837 DSC_6828 DSC_6830 DSC_6834

What Pearl Wore


┬áToday I wore lots of fab finds from TK Maxx including this sleeveless trench dressed up with my furry Prada’s. You can see my Comic Relief T-shirt featuring Kate Moss, I also have the Tommy Cooper one which I will show soon. You can get your’s at TK Maxx, do something funny for money!

The Shows


One of my personal favourite shows is always Louise Gray, I can’t get enough of her luxe street wear aesthetic. Titled Hey Crazy bonkers accessories included brooches and rings made from toilet rolls- try explaining that fashion to your mum!


Osman, I shot most of this show from the back- why? Because this is where the detail of the collection lay, keeping the front simple and letting the drama be created when the model took her turn.


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

LFW AW13: Day 3


It’s P’Trique!!!!! The best celeb I’ve spotted all Fashion Week, alas the pap’s were more excited over a member of One Direction. On the plus side it gave me some space to go snap P’Trique and tell him how much I love the YouTube Videos such as Sh*t Fashion Girls Say.

DSC_5557 - Copy

Fashion Scout Ones to Watch was technically yesterday but that post was already massive! Yeashin really hit my fashion spot with a spectacular collection featuring folkloric knitwear.

DSC_5681 - Copy

DSC_5684 - Copy

DSC_5686 - Copy

I went backstage at Fashion Scout with Sharon Ashton to see the amazing nails she created for the Dans la Vie show. The look was long talons in black and nude to compliment the dark smokey eye and sculpted cheeks.

Street Style

DSC_6118 - Copy DSC_6126 - Copy DSC_6440 - Copy DSC_6442 - Copy DSC_6445 - Copy DSC_6447 - Copy DSC_6454 - Copy DSC_6457 - Copy DSC_6461 - Copy DSC_6471 - Copy DSC_6475 - Copy DSC_6480 - Copy DSC_6493 - Copy DSC_6499 - Copy DSC_6528

What Pearl Wore



┬áToday I wore a bit of a mixed up outfit, due to the whole random weather issue and a mix up with a dress I’d ordered I didn’t really have anything to wear especially for the Westwood show so threw this lot on, all Vivienne Westwood like you needed to ask! I have also been wearing my Comic Relief t-shirts but it’s been a bit too chilly to show them off, must remember to get a shot.


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW