LFW AW13: Day 4

Street Style

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What Pearl Wore


┬áToday I wore lots of fab finds from TK Maxx including this sleeveless trench dressed up with my furry Prada’s. You can see my Comic Relief T-shirt featuring Kate Moss, I also have the Tommy Cooper one which I will show soon. You can get your’s at TK Maxx, do something funny for money!

The Shows


One of my personal favourite shows is always Louise Gray, I can’t get enough of her luxe street wear aesthetic. Titled Hey Crazy bonkers accessories included brooches and rings made from toilet rolls- try explaining that fashion to your mum!


Osman, I shot most of this show from the back- why? Because this is where the detail of the collection lay, keeping the front simple and letting the drama be created when the model took her turn.


Fashion Pearls of Wisdom + TK Maxx for LFW

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