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This time last year I was reporting from London Fashion Week, by far the biggest trend was for dip-dyed hair. From natural colour contrasts, to bright blues and sweet pastel shades anything and everything was seen. I was tempted to try it myself but really hate going to the hair salon so I played around with clip-ins. I have to say the trend for coloured hair isn’t going away but getting ever more popular, with celebrities like Rhianna and Nicky Minaj jumping on board. Taking the style one step further is to dip-dye with more than one colour, creating a rainbow effect. You can use complementary shades such as green and blue or lilac and pink; or contrast with bright orange and lime green. There are also lots of fantastic styles you can try out, pinning up a section or plating the hair so the colours are show off even more.


Schwarzkopf have designed a really easy to use set of custom hair dyes and training videos to go with them. The video below shows how to get the dip-dye look but there are also ones showing how to do pastel colours, a full colour and streaks. The Schwarzkopf LIVEFacebook Page has tons of tips (try back-combing your hair a bit first to get a more even fade) and inspirational photos, well worth checking out. It has really got me longing for a rainbow mane.

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One thought on “Sponsored Video: Schwarzkopf Ultra Brights Hair Dye

  1. I┬┤ve just discovered your blog!! so cool!!
    I┬┤ve plated the tips of my hair (like seven cm or so) and then I used to wear it colour fucsia… i loved it, but i went to the hairdresser, cut my hair… and i was really lazy that day, so now i don┬┤t have any colour, and i miss it, but i┬┤m going to look the link you left.

    Thanks a lot

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