Gone Roman

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 I admit I have a very cool job, but some days it seems even cooler than usual. Above you can see my Vivienne Westwood toe shoes, directly above is the leather sole from an archaeological Roman sandal- notice anything similar? Yes it too has a toe shape cut out, some of them just have the first toe and others have all five toes defined. These sandals would have had leather straps attached to the sole just the same as our sandals today. Fascinatingly both my shoes and the Roman shoes were made in London.

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In fact the popular ‘Gladiator sandals’ are inspired by their original Roman counterpart. At the Museum of London they have recently included some modern items in the cases to illustrate their purpose. Personally I think this is a great idea, especially for children to help them gain perspective. We often forget that simple, every day items and steeped in history.


5 thoughts on “Gone Roman

  1. I’ve been curious about what your job is. Do you work in a museum? That would be a very cool job indeed. I’d love to work at the Bata Shoe Museum here in Toronto but alas, I have no experience other than hording shoes.

    • Kind of, I don’t work in the museum but for them. I am an academic consultant, at the moment I am working on a project concerning shoes in museum collections – it is amazing fun! I really hope to visit Bata one day 😀

      • Right now the Bata Museum has a Sneaker exhibit which isn’t of much interest to me. But they did have a Roger Vivier exhibit last summer that was amazing.

  2. This excites me so much! I studied fashion history in college, but I feel like the history of clothing is never spoken about in style blogs. I just love what you are wearing, and that you appreciate the backstory of each piece.

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