Outfit: Jumbo Tartan Scarf


Wearing: all Vivienne Westwood – Anglomania ‘Limpish’ coat, Gold Label tartan scarf, ‘Rubbish’ print Pirate boot, double prong Alex belt

I LOVE this coat so much, it is smart with a military edge. I actually wear it most days but because I tend to take my coats off for photo’s I’m not sure if it’s even been on the blog?? This scarf is immense, it’s basically like a blanket and something which has been my must have all through winter. It’s a really old scarf, my mum actually bought one years ago and I’ve been trying to steal it ever since – with no luck. One came up on ebay last year and I snapped it right up! It is similar to the World’s End scarves, though not so big, I’d love one of those too one day. These boots are a bit good aren’t they, for some odd reason one foot is a bit tight so I don’t wear them much. I decided today was going to be the day I broke them in and took them on a tour of the post office and supermarket, oh yeah my life is so fashion. What I really need right now are some new Wellies, it hasn’t stopped raining lately. I’ve got my eye on these cherry red hunter wellies aren’t they fun and they would match my scarf.


Here are the boots on the Vivienne Westwood runway from S/S 2004. This as with many other collection gone before has me longing for pieces from it! The print is called the ‘Rubbish’ print and was made from photo’s taken of the rubbish in Westwood’s studio.

8 thoughts on “Outfit: Jumbo Tartan Scarf

  1. You look amazing love your hair also much different than your normal more sleek look. Like the big messy ponytail. Looking Good Pearl!! Love Heather

  2. I have that scarf 🙂 your right its amazing. I’ve had it for years (possibly 10) Beautifully made and looks as good now as it did when new 🙂

    love your BLOG by the way 🙂

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