Combating Counterfeits: Fake Anglomania Dresses on Ebay

PicMonkey Collage2In the past few weeks an influx of Vivienne Westwood Anglomania counterfeits have appeared on auction site Ebay. It is well known that the site is awash with fake jewellery and handbags, even some clothes such as the classic t-shirts and jumpers, however this is the first time I have seen them trying to fake more high profile pieces. The majority are dresses but also jackets and coats have been spotted. These sales are very difficult to detect as being counterfeit from the listings, the sellers are really devious. I have no doubt that the people bidding on them believe they are the real deal, especially considering some of them are selling for hundreds of pounds. They clothes look like the real deal to the untrained eye, especially when you can’t see it in real life. I hate to see people being ripped off, especially as I champion ebay as a great place to pick up Westwood on a budget so I have made this guide in the hopes of helping. There a a few easy things you can look out for to detect the fakes, its a lengthy post with images so click for more:

Look out for:

Photos –

The above photo is really useful, the image on the left was posted in an auction. Immediately I knew this was a fake as this dress has never appeared in an Anglomania collection. To try and convince people that it is genuine the seller has superimposed the fake dress over a real image from a Westwood look book which you can see on the right. If there is such an image in a listing you can find current season images on and TookLookBook where you can compare. Also note the ‘Vivienne Westwood’ text in the fake images, again this is often printed on fake photos to try and trick you into thinking it is genuine.


Description –

Reading the description in the listing can also be very telling. Keep your eye out for anything which seems odd, the following quotes I have taken from ebay listings:

‘Brand new without tags – please note that the┬ádress is missing its content label.’

‘It does not have tags, as I bought it directly from the factory.’

‘The material appears somehow hard which is good because hides imperfections.’

Firstly, nobody buys direct from the factory, never! Secondly there should always be a content label on Anglomania, it should have full washing instructions and be produce by G.F.M Industria S.p.a, made in Italy. Thirdly, Vivienne Westwood clothes are expensive so why on earth would they be made from ‘hard’ materials? They wouldn’t. This is actually very important because Trading Standards (regulatory body in the UK) have issued reports that counterfeit clothes can be made from dangerous materials. They can be flammable, they can be made from illegal dyes which can cause severe allergic reactions, basically they can damage your health! Be sure to check the buttons too, all Anglomania buttons should be stamped ‘Anglomania’.


Shipping –

The majority of these recent fakes are coming from Bulgaria, if you check the item location details at the top of the listing this will tell you where the item is being shipped from. Also look out for strange shipping details in the listing. I have sent and bought from countries around the world and it never takes as long as these crazy quotes below:

‘The shipping usually takes 10-14 days for item to reach Europe and 14┬ádays to three weeks for item to reach USA,Canada and Australia. During the winter there might be some delays , if the weather conditions are really bad!’┬á -Bulgaria

‘Shipping for USA – 30-45 day delivery time. If you don’t want to wait, i can send it with DHL or Fedex.
For other countries – usually from 1 to 3 weeks.’ -Bulgaria

‘I live in Uk but I am currently in my country Bulgaria and will send it from here with first class mail, signed for. Should arrive within 5-7 days.’ –London

‘Please note that standart EU delivery takes aprox. 2 weeks to arrive. Delivery outside EU may take up to a month’. -Bulgaria
You can check the Royal Mail website for correct postage estimates. Watch out for those who have a UK ebay account but then make claims that they are on holiday/ visiting abroad.
One thing which you have to be aware of is where people are buying these fakes and trying to resell them – presumably when they find out they have bough an inferior item! Here the listing may look more ‘real’ and be coming from your home country so check out their feedback and see if they have just bought it on ebay recently themselves.
I’ve taken all these fake images from ebay this week so if you see anything similar do steer clear. All the real images are my own. I have reported this problem to ebay as have others, but ebay don’t want to know.
Fake Images

Real Images

14 thoughts on “Combating Counterfeits: Fake Anglomania Dresses on Ebay

  1. I was wondering why that lookbook photo looked so off!! Good catch! It’s really disheartening to see so many fakes these days, especially with bids :(. I hope more people see this post.

    • I know, now ebay changed it so you can’t see who is bidding, in the old days I would email people and tell them they bid on a fake. Ebay aren’t interested, that white tartan dress went for over ┬ú100 so sad to see :'(

  2. Thanks a lot for this article. I was on ebay this afternoon and some of these fakes were”so real” especially bags.
    How do you know about bags?

    Do you think people who sells in England could be fake?


    • Hiya, Yes plenty of fakes are sold in UK too. Bags are a real mine field, I should do a post on them really. Main things to look out for is the metal name plate inside, make sure the writing is straight on fakes it tends to be out of line. Also be sure the orb is the correct shape as the fakes it is often a bit squashed. x

      • yes it would be good to write an article about VW bags. As I told you before, I bought a purse in London and it was like a genuine… When I showed to Olga, she too, thought it was a genuine…

        • It is getting very hard to spot the fakes, especially online as you can’t see properly with only having photos to go from. I actually had some photos of a fake bag someone sent me, will see if I can find the for a post. This was a great example as it was so hard to tell it was fake, the tartan was exact and I think if I hadn’t see it in real life I mightn’t have spotted it.

      • The new collection bags have a hologram inside hidden which is a good idea, I know they do them on chanel ones.
        I hate fakes, some people pay good money for something they believe is real. I sometimes go through the listings and report for being fake but I feel it’s a loosing battle x

        • Do they Ive not seen yet, but like the Chanel ones they can fake holograms. The only real way to do it would be to have an online registration system for serial numbers something like that. But the companies don’t want the hassle, they just say buy the bags new in store then you wouldnt have a problem. Ebay dont care they just want the money from people, its sad x

  3. Great article!
    even on the menswear side of ebay there stacks of westwood fakes! mainly t shirts and shirts! I’ve had my fingers burnt with a piece of jewellery and paid top whack too! and was gutted! I should of know better. but it’s best to get from the westwood stores for piece of mind! ebay is great for the odd westwood bargin but you have to really know what your looking for.

  4. I know you can see online the fake hologram numbers for the Chanel bags, so you can always check before you buy online, and make sure the card has the same number as the hologram numbers.
    They fake everything nowadays from medication to prams! It’s worth saving a bit more and buying from a proper shop and having a receipt and piece of mind x

    • Have you been watching Fake Britain, omg it’s unbelievable what they fake – basically everything you can think of! x

  5. Hi Pearl.
    I know years ago Vivienne Clothes and bags were always made in Italy, is this still true as was told recently some bags and annglomania items are being made in China
    Thanks in advance

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