Outfit: Squiggle Girl


Wearing: Vivienne Westwood – Worlds End ‘Gigot’ dress, Gold Label ‘Animal Toe Court shoes‘ and Japanese License ‘Squiggle’ socks

┬á These socks have been long awaited by all the squiggle fans. The length is longer than the original Pirate stockings but made from a cheese cloth so you still get that great slouch effect. My tip if you want to wear them over the knee, use some body-tape to hold them up, or even a suspender belt. If you want a pair best be quick and give Lisa a call as they will sell out fast, ┬ú45 from Worlds End. This is the first thing I have tried them with, obviously this is my favourite dress at the moment and my suede court shoes! But I can’t wait to try them with my other squiggle items. Here is some squiggle sock inspiration for you!

tumblr_m3nqdqYhaF1ru3nkuo1_500   tumblr_m4bzftOt6t1ru3nkuo3_r1_250tumblr_m3nr5cWYWN1ru3nkuo1_250 tumblr_mj7n0z3v9Y1ru3nkuo1_500 tumblr_mld4gfRTqu1r86n0zo1_400tumblr_m3nqyzXOsB1ru3nkuo2_400 vogue1981 kingsrdtumblr

Images via 430 Kings Road Tumblr

5 thoughts on “Outfit: Squiggle Girl

  1. I bought the last pair already this morning. (sorry!) But I wouldn’t have gotten them if I didn’t see your post! So, I owe you my thanks!

    • As far as I know the only other store to get them was Leeds, so peeps best be quick if they don’t want to miss out! You will love them Lauran x

  2. Cool. you referenced my tumbler page. cheers. Well chuffed 🙂 🙂 🙂 Keep rocking the Westwood 😉

    • I absolutely love your tumblr page, in fact all my friends into Westwood do, you featured a few of them on there. If you ever want to use any of my photos feel free and keep up the squiggle love 😀 XXX

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