Outfit: Where I Go Dressed As Pete Burns


Wearing: all Vivienne Westwood – Gold Label sample dress, custom Gold Label Mary-Jane shoes, Lilac bag and Alex belt, green Cupid Tiara.

Cab driver: Are you in fancy dress?

Me: Sure if you want

Cab driver: I liked it, the devil right?

Me: Actually I’m Pete Burns

Cab driver: *Awkward silence*

This was what I wore and the ensuing conversation I endured en route to my friends wedding. I would usually explain they are Cupid horns but I was feeling┬á a bit obnoxious. I had been saving this dress and the one I wore last post by force of my BFF Rich. He made me promise to save them both for special occasions for their first outing and not wearing them randomly during the day like a usually would! Now they have been released from their contractual obligations I think I will wear this dress often, especially in the summer (if it ever comes back, sob). The other dress with it’s sweeping train might stay more for special occasions.


The dress on the Gold Label runway, AW10 ‘Prince Charming’ collection

I confess to this dress filling many a childhood princess fantasy (even if mine were usually accompanied by Tank Girl boots). It’s poofy, it’s really poofy. So poofy you can’t help constantly scrunching up the skirt. The lace trim on the underskirt is exquisite, I have never seem such detailed lace. Even the inside of the dress is a work of art, you could wear it inside out it is so beautiful!


The shoes I wore are pretty special too, a limited edition fabric Westwood created about 6-7 years ago. Same heel as my court shoes but with the Mary-Jane strap.Cream canvas printed with tiny red roses. I was mortified when I got caught in a torrential down pour on the way home. They took a bit of a soaking on the leather soles and there is a dirty smudge on one toe which I am trying to work up the nerve to tackle and try to remove. Had I know about the sudden turn in weather I think I would have worn my cherry red Melissa Lady Dragon shoes with big bronze heart on the toe, practical and fabulous.


The dress featured on the runway in a few different guises, some of them do indeed look like the inside-out of my dress!┬á The neckline has a drawstring so that you can wear it ruched up as on the runway, or looser as I chose to wear it. Due to all the layers of fabric it is actually quite a weighty dress. My dress itself is only one of two created, the design wasn’t produced for retail so there is just the once I have and one in the Westwood archive. Makes me feel like the custodian of such a special piece.


Gold Label runway, AW10

Trends: Look stylish on the beach this spring/summer

Look stylish on the beach this spring/summer ÔÇô opt for cool, simple separates


ItÔÇÖs almost the peak summer season and understandably youÔÇÖre fretting about what is going to make you look glam on the beach. It feels like forever since youÔÇÖve worn your ladies swimwear and now youÔÇÖre thinking of the best way to feel beach confident. DonÔÇÖt feel like you have to bare all when on the beach, La Redoute can show you how simple separates can make you feel confident, yet beach ready.


Possibly the number one beach essential you need ÔÇô apart from a swimsuit ÔÇô is a kaftan or tunic. When heading for a quick bite to eat after swimming in the pool or sea, the last thing you want to do is go back to the hotel and completely change. A loose fitting, lengthy kaftan, tunic or maxi dress is perfect for throwing over swimwear when youÔÇÖve dried off. These can come in a range of styles and patterns too so they can achieve a range of looks. Embellished and sequin designs can be thrown on for an evening where you need not be uber glamourous. Even though a kaftan or tunic is semi casual, the patterns and added extras ensures that you will look ready for your evening out. Cotton kaftans and tunics look great in the day when shopping and lunch on the go is on the agenda. The cool cotton material guarantees that you will keep cool in the summer heat. If you feel uncomfortable simple wearing a long tunic or kaftan, opt for shorter styles and wear with linen shorts.


If you are simply lounging around the pool on your holiday, a loose slash neck t shirt teamed with denim shorts are perfect summer separates to cover up when the sun dips behind the clouds. These items create a laid back bohemian feel, especially when teamed with chunky jewellery, feather earrings and a headband. Add gladiator sandals to complete the look.


For the evening, step away from the long dresses you always wear and instead opt for cool, simple separates. In order to stand out from the crowd, team crisp linen trousers with a bright top in a jewel or coral tone. Add wedges to add height and oversized jewelled earrings to add glamour. If you would prefer a sleeker silhouette, tuck a simple vest top into your linen pants for a streamlined effect. In this instance, navy works well with white linen trousers. Add an oversized sun hat for Riviera chic. For a sailor chick look, add a striped Breton top.

These separates can be interchanged and incorporated into different outfits and this is ideal for those who have limited packing space. The tunic you can just throw on after the pool can be teamed with the denim shorts mentioned earlier to create an evening look and the linen trousers can be worn with a strappy top during the day if the weather dips.

(Images – 1. Vogue.com, 2, 3, 4 laredoute.co.uk)

Outfit: Running in a Vivienne Westwood Ball Gown


Finally got to wear this absolutely incredible Vivienne Westwood Gold Label dress. I didn’t wear the squiggle print shoes I was going to but opted for my trusty gold Animal Toe court shoes instead since they are super comfy. Good job too as I ended up stuck in traffic and had to run like a wild thing to catch the train with seconds to spare. I didn’t consider how warm this dress would be, the thick knit lines the entire dress so I will be saving it for winter now, but persevered with being boiled alive because I really just wanted to wear it! Here I am with my darling Christine, she is also wearing Vivienne Westwood with Dr Martins boots. We were out on the town with all our friends at my BFF Chris’ fabulous Bar 25 in Liverpool, to celebrate the divine Cleo Rocos’ launch of her new book ‘The art of positive drinking’.

ClickHandler.ashxtatler # Vivienne-Westwood-Fall-Fashion-2009-014_runwayVivienne-Westwood-FALL-RTW-2010-PODIUM-008_runway

Here are photos of the dress in it’s other guises as worn by Dame Viv herself and on the runway AW09 and AW10.

‘TRUTH’ Vivienne Westwood MAN Label Spring / Summer 14

MAN Label Spring- Summer 2014

I don’t usually like to copy full press releases, however I will make the exception for Vivienne and Andreas as I think you will like to read it in their own worlds. My notes on the Vivienne Westwood MAN collection are to keep you eye on the squiggle print brogues (in fact all the mens shoes in this collection were particularly strong, extra in fact I wish they made some of the slipper shoes in women’s sizes because I want them so much) and the Climate Revolution jumper, they will be the key pieces of the season:

I wanted a soft more feminine feel to the clothes, more ease to the fit.
Andreas and the team took their inspiration from India. And of course the first great impression is the Indian Rajas with their heavy-lidded almond eyes and their perfumed beards, their turbans and covered in a wealth of jewels- no human creatures have ever been so wealthy.

But we passed on because I donÔÇÖt have direct experience of India. I have only my romantic impressions and our inspiration comes from museums and photographs: Hindu gods and dancing and colour and flowers and spices and tigers and the jungle and the Gangees, temples and sariÔÇÖs worn by the most elegant women, beauty and grace┬¼- and the Indian children I have met in England are lively and intelligent- a huge population, the cast system. Nothing changed after the British left in 1950. The new rulers exploited the country and its people like the old colonials.

1045081_10151764591596015_691909616_n 1045008_10151764566031015_1058253161_n
We knew we had to have colour but we began with whites, white that shines in the sun and white that looks dusty, cream and black with texture and pattern and mixed with indigo. Then checks and prints, then some colour and colour degrade. I think the overall colour effect belongs in the light of the sun.

1014385_10151764595266015_1710281927_n 1014385_10151764595256015_747897938_n
Does sunshine disguise poverty to the English outsider.

A few motifs from Persia or Morocco crept in. There is a feeling of being in an oriental garden.

In a recent essay Noam Chomsky summed up whatÔÇÖs happening in the world: the rich are racing as fast as they can to destroy the world, the poor are fighting to stop them.
India is the most extreme example of this. The government is selling the countryÔÇÖs mineral rights to corporations and consortiums.

(these huge profits can pay for corruption)

PhotoÔÇÖs and comments come from Arundhati RoyÔÇÖs book ÔÇÿBroken RepublicÔÇÖ.

When the land is ruined the people have nowhere to go. Maoist organization fights the evictions and when people have nowhere to go they are considered Maoists, many do join the Maoists in the forests: young people, victims of atrocity, girls and boys join them. The police steal everything they can, rape, burn; they are paid to kill. The government is increasing the police force. They are purposely creating war. Why? Because they want the people off the land. Why? Because most of the minerals the government is selling are still in the ground.
ÔÇÿThe Boghghat Dam will submerge the entire area that we have been walking in for days. All that forest, that history, those stories. More than a hundred villages. Is that the plan then? To drown people like rats, so that the integrated steel plant in Lohandiguda and the bauxite mine and aluminium refinery in the Keshkal Ghats can have the river? Who will stop the Indravati (river) from being stolen? Someone must.ÔÇÖ

(Maoists in the forest)
Why is Bradley Manning featured in a collection about India? (no turbans but military berets) Well I always highjack my collections to talk politics and Bradley is there because everything is connected.
The depredation in India is caused by the global political financial war machine. Bradley stood in the path of this great juggernaut. He told the TRUTH by exposing war crimes and documents which revealed that the purpose of our wars is perpetual war for the purpose of total plunder.


You can check out Vivienne Westwood.com for more details

Trends: Name Necklaces

PicMonkey Collage

I have taken to wearing two delicate silver necklaces this summer, in a change to my usual huge statement necklaces. The first is the Little Woolf necklace by Wendy Brandes. I bought two, one for me and one for my mum when my dog Simba got sick┬á as a bit of a talisman for all our dogs. The second is my name necklace, the font is ‘On Fire’ (cheeky Hunger Games reference there) which I thought was really unusual! It was a gift from ONecklace, they are a lovely company who ship super fast for free Worldwide. The have lots of different fonts and styles on the website, in gold and sterling silver. I think there is a place in every Sex and the City fan’s heart for a name necklace thanks to Carrie Bradshaw. Of course you don’t have to have your own name, you can have any word or words you choose. I thought the ‘Love’ necklaces as seen on the runway at Lanvin were fantastic. One style I particularly like are the new monogram necklaces which incorporate your initials, like Taylor Swift below. All the name and monogram styles are also available at ONecklace.com in ring versions too, they have the double name rings like Lauren Conrad below and also monogram rings, which I think are a nice update on the classic signet ring. I definitely have my eye on a monogram necklace with a long chain next. With prices starting at $31.95 (┬ú21.00) for a sterling silver name necklace I think they are really affordable, they come in pretty presentation boxes too so perfect for gifts. So many people have asked me about both my necklaces since┬á I got them, as much as I love big plastic fun necklaces, I think silver or gold fine jewellery is always that bit more special as it has real meaning to it, plus it will last a life time.

Are you a name necklace fan?

PicMonkey Collage23

Celeb images, HBO.com, Glamour.com, Style.com

Trends: Summer Daywear Essentials for 2013

With summer finally kicking in, itÔÇÖs time to start thinking about what additions and changes you need to brighten up your summer wardrobe. From days out to country pubs and the neighbourÔÇÖs garden party, simple updates can be made to ensure that youÔÇÖre looking the part over the upcoming months. But where to start?
Finding those summer staple pieces can be tricky, so here are my top summer wardrobe easy updates! From party-wear to office attire, here are the clothing essentials you need for summer 2013.

PicMonkey Collage

┬áThe Maxi dress, as seen on Vivienne Westwood’s runway left and this fab Matalan chiffon number right


Summer is full of special occasions. Whether itÔÇÖs a wedding or garden party, there are plenty of events to keep your summer busy. However, before you can let your hair down and have a good time, thereÔÇÖs the important matter of finding that perfect outfit!
If itÔÇÖs during the day then donÔÇÖt worry about looking too formal. Think smart-casual but with a touch of glam. One item which always ticks the right boxes are maxi dresses UK. An absolute must for any ladyÔÇÖs wardrobe, maxis are the ideal transition piece for those day events that last well into the night. Tasteful, elegant and guaranteed to impress, couple a pretty printed maxi with tan wedges and a light cardie, and youÔÇÖll be good to go!

Cropped gingham trousers from Matalan left, Gwyneth Paltrow wears her crops to the Iron Man premier right

Cropped gingham trousers from Matalan left, Gwyneth Paltrow wears her crops to the Iron Man premier right

Days Out

Days out are a little different. Perhaps youÔÇÖre thinking of taking the kids to the zoo or visiting the beach. In which case, you┬á need to dress more practically; clothes which youÔÇÖll be comfortable wearing and donÔÇÖt mind getting dirty. However, thatÔÇÖs not to say that you canÔÇÖt still be stylish!
Cropped trousers are great way to show that youÔÇÖre ready for summer. Be they chinos or linen trousers, theyÔÇÖre smart and work well with anything. You could pair them with a vest and a crochet jumper, or wear them with a white tee and chic navy blazer; the choice is yours!

PicMonkey Collage3Emma Stone in pencil skirt with ruffle detail left, Matalan pencil skirt with fishtail hem

Office Attire

With work wear itÔÇÖs about achieving that happy medium of comfort and sophistication. On the one hand you want to give the impression of professionalism, but at the same time, eight hours in tight uncomfortable clothes doesnÔÇÖt inspire productivity. So our advice is, keep it simple!
A sleek black pencil skirt combined with a gorgeous silk blouse exudes confidence as well as being easy to work in; worthy additions to your wardrobe. Or alternatively you could sport a classic midi with some cute court shoes. Lovely.

(Images: all items from Matalan.co.uk, Vivienne Westwood.co.uk, mydaily.co.uk, fabsugar.com)

Review: Chanel Coloured Mascara + Video

One of the most talked about beauty products this summer are the coloured mascaras by Chanel. For the L’Ete Papillon Summer 2013 collection the Inimitable Waterproof mascara was recreated in four shocking colours:

Blue Note – vibrant blue, Zest – pollen yellow, Lime Light – mint green, Aqua Blue – shimmering pale blue

As a total Chanel beauty junkie I couldn’t resist going to try them out.

PicMonkey Collage

From top: Aqua Blue on nude lashes, Zest over black mascara, Blue Note over black mascara, all worn with Stylo eyeliner in True Blue


 Blue Note on naked lower lashes with Blue Bay Stylo Eyeshadow

I didn’t try the Lime Light but did try the other three. First up is Aqua Blue worn on upper and lower lashes, whilst the colour looks very pretty here as I am looking up head on it made me look like I had no eye lashes against the blue liner. I think it would look better with a contrasting liner and shadow.

Zest has been the most talked about colour, yellow mascara does sound shocking, however at Chanel they suggested using the colours on the tips o the lashes as a highlight over black mascara rather than full cover. I do like the yellow highlight but it was hard to see until you caught the light, far more subtle than I expected.

Blue Note was my favourite by far and the only mascara I actually purchase. Over black mascara it gives a deep, almost indigo flash. Alone it is a vivid sky blue, I have been wearing it just on my lower lashes which really opens up the eyes.

All in all I think the coloured mascaras are a fun product for summer, giving a fresh and colourful look. I would recommend going down to your local Chanel counter and giving them a try.

What do you think, love or loath?

Outfit: Stuff I’ve Been Wearing


Wearing: all Vivienne Westwood – white Gigot dress, DIY socks, Tracey trainers all Worlds End; blue Wizard dress, Expensiv belt, DIY socks, Red T-Bar shoes all Gold Label; inset Gigot dress as before, Choas socks, mint green Galo jacket, Silver Piped Courts shoes all Gold Label

Summery – for the odd few days we had sunshine up North


Wearing all Vivienne Westwood – Red Label tartan jacket and Bondage kilt, Lee denim + Angolmania Drunken jeans, VW print socks, Winter tartan bag, Gold Label yellow leather Roman 3-Strap sandals.

Wintery-Summery – for when it has been a bit nippy, which has been most days, where has summer gone? That’s not my crown by the way, it is on display at the Hat Works Museum, Stockport (more on that soon).

These outfits, mixed and matched a bit, have become my current favourites.I am still really loving the iPhone, Instagram, InstaFrames and my Acer tablet (review coming soon) for being able to share my outfits and also enjoy what you are all wearing.

Outfit: Vivienne Westwood Galo & Gigot


Wearing: Vivienne Westwood – Gold Label ‘Galo’ jacket, socks, Piped court shoes and World’s End ‘Gigot’ dress.

┬á┬á Rare occasion that it is when I can get out this summer jacket. Named the Galo jacket from SS2011 ‘The Only One’ collection. I only managed to wear it once before, it is raw silk so I am terrified of getting caught in the rain whilst wearing it. Everyone was calling this my wedding outfit that day. A glorious sun drenched day spent sitting in the park and wondering around galleries. I can’t say I’ve ever been one of those girls with a dream wedding in their heads, but I am sure it would have to be a Westwood gown of some sort. I can’t see myself in a huge Carrie Bradshaw creation though, possibly not even white and also more likely that not something quite pared down. So yeah I guess I can see why my friends were teasing me, this is certainly something I wouldn’t mind rocking up in for a grand occasion. Maybe some higher heels though, you can’t get married in shoes with a tiny heel – the higher the heel the closer to Heaven, right!





Worlds End Berlin – Anthony’s Guest Post

photo photo1 photo2 photo4 photo5 photo9

All images copyright Anthony Thorpe

So, what to say about Worlds End Berlin ? It is bigger than the London store but ironically has way less stuff. There is mainline men’s wear and a few dresses, a good selection of scarfs and a small selection of bags, in the back room there is a sales rail which has some good discounted items.

The store is located at the end of a fashionable street that has APC among a few other select boutique stores.

The staff are really friendly and helpful and speak perfect English so not a struggle at all to find items for you.

The German dress sense is to dress down and not up and few of the youth know who Vivienne is but the store is trying to raise awareness of the brand and seem to be doing a good job of it.

Over all a great place to visit if you are in Berlin but not the Worlds End that I know and love.

Whilst I was there I purchased a grey mountain hat with squiggle lining and a cardigan by intellectual leisure as I fell in love with it,

Intellectual leisure is exclusive to Worlds End Berlin and is made by the team behind Vivienne’s knitwear I am in formed by the staff.

Huge thanks to Anthony for reporting back from Worlds End Berlin for us