Outfit: Pirate Squiggle Ahoy

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Wearing:┬á all Vivienne Westwood – Worlds End Squiggle sash, John Bull hat (thanks to Jason for the hat), vintage Elevated Court shoes, Anglomania jumpsuit, Amethyst orb, pearl orb.

Celebrating Squiggle print today with my new Squiggle sash / scarf and oversized squiggle print jumpsuit they did on the Anglomania line a few years back. I don’t think there is a nicer silhouette than the elevated heel, these shoes are perfection. Ben just posted some info on the new Squiggle items on the Worlds End Blog if you are interested in having a piece for yourself

4 thoughts on “Outfit: Pirate Squiggle Ahoy

  1. Love the shoes! As a sidenote, I’m loving the new lip Lady Dragon jellies…but man, they’ve crept up in price again to ┬ú155! I can’t justify buying them full price when I have so many pairs, so I’ll have to wait until sale time : (

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