Outfit: Where I Go Dressed As Pete Burns


Wearing: all Vivienne Westwood – Gold Label sample dress, custom Gold Label Mary-Jane shoes, Lilac bag and Alex belt, green Cupid Tiara.

Cab driver: Are you in fancy dress?

Me: Sure if you want

Cab driver: I liked it, the devil right?

Me: Actually I’m Pete Burns

Cab driver: *Awkward silence*

This was what I wore and the ensuing conversation I endured en route to my friends wedding. I would usually explain they are Cupid horns but I was feeling┬á a bit obnoxious. I had been saving this dress and the one I wore last post by force of my BFF Rich. He made me promise to save them both for special occasions for their first outing and not wearing them randomly during the day like a usually would! Now they have been released from their contractual obligations I think I will wear this dress often, especially in the summer (if it ever comes back, sob). The other dress with it’s sweeping train might stay more for special occasions.


The dress on the Gold Label runway, AW10 ‘Prince Charming’ collection

I confess to this dress filling many a childhood princess fantasy (even if mine were usually accompanied by Tank Girl boots). It’s poofy, it’s really poofy. So poofy you can’t help constantly scrunching up the skirt. The lace trim on the underskirt is exquisite, I have never seem such detailed lace. Even the inside of the dress is a work of art, you could wear it inside out it is so beautiful!


The shoes I wore are pretty special too, a limited edition fabric Westwood created about 6-7 years ago. Same heel as my court shoes but with the Mary-Jane strap.Cream canvas printed with tiny red roses. I was mortified when I got caught in a torrential down pour on the way home. They took a bit of a soaking on the leather soles and there is a dirty smudge on one toe which I am trying to work up the nerve to tackle and try to remove. Had I know about the sudden turn in weather I think I would have worn my cherry red Melissa Lady Dragon shoes with big bronze heart on the toe, practical and fabulous.


The dress featured on the runway in a few different guises, some of them do indeed look like the inside-out of my dress!┬á The neckline has a drawstring so that you can wear it ruched up as on the runway, or looser as I chose to wear it. Due to all the layers of fabric it is actually quite a weighty dress. My dress itself is only one of two created, the design wasn’t produced for retail so there is just the once I have and one in the Westwood archive. Makes me feel like the custodian of such a special piece.


Gold Label runway, AW10

7 thoughts on “Outfit: Where I Go Dressed As Pete Burns

  1. Love messing with cabdrivers’ heads with outfits – my husband and I get strange looks sometimes. Great dress – such wonderful details. I love the shoes too – big VW fan, although my collection is limited to a pearl white/bronze Melissa Dragon Lady pair of shoes.

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I appreciate your nice comment.

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