Five Hair Essentials Every Woman Needs

This is a guest post from beauty & hair fanatic Abby:

Five Hair Essentials Every Woman Needs

When it comes to hair, we’re all in different boats. Yours it thick; mine is thin. Yours is naturally straight; mine is wavy. Yours is blond; mine is brown. But while everyone’s hair is different, there are some essentials that every girl needs. There are five key hair aids that will help any kind of hair look great no matter what. You can’t fit em all in a mini-emergency hair kit that you can take everywhere, but they are good enough to dedicate a drawer to. Check em out after the jump and let us know if you agree.


Curling Wand:┬á Seriously, it’s God’s gift to women. Drop your curling iron of the past, that’s so 1995. Curling wands create better curls in half the amount of time and stay for 4x as long. Curling irons have never worked for me. They don’t hold and I always burn myself. A curling wand, while a smidge bit more unsafe, will curl ANYONE’s hair. It’s amazing and lasts for 2 to 3 days as long as I don’t work out or sweat excessively. Get a 1/2-1 inch barrel if your hair is a little bit past your shoulders or shorter. Get a 1 – 1 1/2 if your hair is longer than that. Get one that comes with a glove and consistently use it until you are comfortable with the wand. Watch this tutorial so you know how to use it correctly.

Sea Salt Spray: I live by this stuff, especially in the summer. This spray is great for creating that “just left the beach” look. Just jump out of the shower, towel dry your hair and scrunch it in. The trick is to not brush your hair. It’s also amazing for amplifying flat, straight hair and for adding texture and grip when doing updos and braids in thin/fine hair. I like to use it when I wake up with messy hair. It automatically transforms it into something sexy. I also like to add it to my curling wand curls to give them less of a structured look. Pick some up or make your own.


Hair Elastics without Metal: I recently made the mistake of using a hair tie with metal in it when I ran out of my favorite non-metal ones. It instantly got stuck in my hair and I had to have my friend cut it out, while I drank a glass of wine and pretended that it wasn’t happening. It seems like a silly thing to harp on, but really stop buying the ones with the metal connector piece or you may end up just like me.

Deep Conditioner:┬á This stuff is magic. You know when you leave salon and your hair feels amazingly smooth, shiny and healthy? That’s what this stuff can do for you. I asked Rush hairdressers what we can use to get our hair to feel so great on a regular basis and they said: a deep conditioner. I instantly got some and have been thrilled ever since. Be sure to get a quality bottle that can serve more as a mask though and only use it at most once a week. This stuff is great for injecting your hair with moisture, flattening your hair cuticle and helping damaged hair look healthy again.

A Quality Straightener: There are a lot of hair straighteners out there that come at all different price points. But the truth is, the only kind that are worth purchasing and putting in your hair are the ceramic ones and unfortunately those can cost a decent amount. However, non-ceramic straighteners can actually damage and fry your hair, leaving your ends looking ratty. Spring for a nice one and you’ll find that your hair looks better, lays flatter and has to be straightened less.

Do you have any hair must-haves?

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