Size & Style Mega Guide – New Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Shoes

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Top shelf, left – right: Sack boots black, Tracey trainers black, Seditionary boots red, Bondage boots natural, Animal toe courts gold and silver

Middle shelf, left – right: Slave Rocking Horse shoes white, black red; Ballerina Rocking Horse shoes white and black; Golf Rocking Horse shoes white, black and white, black

Bottom shelf, left – right: Clomper Slaves tea garden and brown/brown squiggle; Roman 3-Strap red leather (limited edition), grey suede, black; Clomer Slave mock croc, Regent sandals mock crock

Where do I start? After mentioning the new Gold Label Vivienne Westwood shoes now available at Worlds End, I got a bijillion emails about them. So I figured I best try and make a post with all the info that I have – of course you can call Lisa and the girls at the store for specifics.

New Materials/Colours:

Squiggle printed leather – Brown / brown squiggle; White/ red squiggle; Brown/ navy squiggle

Canvas – Grey, Khaki, Red, Green, Black

Special Prints – Green Mock Croc, Tea Garden

Patent – Black, Red

Kid Leather – Black, Red, Brown, (specials Gold, Silver, White)

Pirate Leather – Brown, Black, Yellow, Red Brick, Grey Suede

Suede – Black, Red, Grey, Brown

All straps will now be ‘aged brown leather’ instead of natural leather


New* & Classic Styles:

*Clomper – Pirate boot – choice of

*Clomper – Slave sandal – choice of Mock croc, Tea garden (limited edition blue floral print), Squiggle, Canvas

Rocking Horse Shoes – Slave – Relaxed leather – White, Red Black

Rocking Horse Shoes – Ballerina – Kid leathers + White,

Rocking Horse Shoes -Boots – Kid leathers + White

Rocking Horse Shoes -Golf – Kid leathers + White; Relaxed leather – White, Red Black

Roman 3 Strap – Pirate Leather, Canvas

*Pirate Sling Back – Pirate Leather, Canvas, Patent

Pirate Boots – Pirate Leather, Squiggle

Seditionary Boots – Canvas with black leather; *plus special edition green canvas with tan leather

Bondage Boots – Canvas

*Elevated Bondage Boots – Squiggle

Elevated Court shoes – Suede, Patent, Squiggle, Special

*Elevated Regent Slave Sandals – Patent, Squiggle, Special

Bag Boots – Suede

Tracey Trainers – Black / Black patent trim; Natural / multi; *Gold/ Silver

Animal Toe Courts – Suede, Patent, Gold, Silver

*Animal Toe 3 Strap – Canvas

Low 3 Strap – Leather including specials, Suede, Patent

T-Bar – Leather including specials, Suede, Patent

Mary-Jane – Leather including specials, Suede, Patent

Wave bye-bye to – Sack boots, Piped courts, Sunny shoes, Animal Toe Mules, Elevated Gillie, Baby Rocking Horse and all navy blue leather

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Size & Fit

This can obviously only be my personal opinion, but most people I’ve spoken too seem to agree on this. If you can get to the shop then you are best to go try them for yourself, but I know many of you can’t so here you go. I am a UK 5.5 / 38.5 I usually find it hard to get shoes which fit, as most places don’t make half sizes, I also have a wide fitting foot. I am such a fan of Westwood shoes as I find they fit me perfectly in both width and length, as I’m a half size I find the shoes fit me perfectly so those of you who are a standard size may find they run a little big. With that I can tell you I take a 5 in all Gold Label shoes and low / flat boots except the Animal toe boots i.e Bondage boots and Bag boots. I go up to a size 6 and wear a padded insole in the high heel boots as I find the toe separations rub one of my toes, this doesn’t happen in my Animal toe court shoes so I take a 5 in those – I know this doesn’t make any sense since they are in effect the same style but that’s just what I find best! I also take a 5 in pirate boots, I find they fit generously however they can be a little tight where the stitching is around the foot until you break them in, leathers break easier than suede.

The Clomper boots and sandals I find a small fit, they are a nice wide fit due to the Clomper shaped sole however the part where you put you foot in (the vamp) is low down so there isn’t much room to move your foot. In these I go up to a size 6 which fits perfectly.

The Elevated courts are also a small fit, they have a narrow foot but are regular in length. Unfortunately for me this means I can’t wear them, the 5 is painfully tight and they 6 flops off my foot. The problem with court shoes is that you can’t do anything to keep them on your foot, they need to fit perfectly, the Gillie or boots would be better in my case as you can tighten the laces.

Clomper Pirate boots Brown/ Brown

download7 (2)download8 (2)download13 

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Mock Croc Clomper Slave Sandals & ElevatedCourts


The sandals I am trying here are size 7 and the courts size 6, I think you can see that they are both far too big. In the courts I could get my finger down the back of my heel they were so big!

Strap Colour Evolution

Something really interesting is that the straps will now be darker. Usually the straps on Pirate boots and Bondage boots are left natural so they are a pale nude-pink. Over time natural leather will darken and take on a lovely honey coloured patina. Most of you I know are far too impatient to wait for this to happen naturally and want to speed things along, well it seems like Westwood have obliged and are now darkening the leather.

download (2)download9 (2)

Here you can see the pale pink of the natural leather straps compared with the new straps on my Pirate Clompers. On the right are straps from fresh natural leather, new version of the straps and two worn in straps one of around 18 months the other a few years.

Anything else you want to know, just ask

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  1. Usher wore a pair of Vivienne Westwood Seditionary boots while posing with his two GrammyÔÇÖs at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.

  2. Hi,
    I’d love to buy the “Roman Three Straps” shoes. I am a UK6.5/EUR39.5.
    Which size should I take for this amazing shoes?
    Thanks you for your advice.
    Best regards,

  3. Hi, I just stumbeled here because Im trying to buy Vivienne Westwood’s rocking horse ballerina and its out of stock in their site. Im wondering if they are available to Singapore? Im a UK 3.

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