Old BookCase Shoe Storage Display


I am still midway with the renovations and awaiting a few more shelves for my walk-in – yep I do have more shoes than I thought. In my bedroom I decided to swap my old chest of draws for a taller styles so was left with a space. I debated having another Billy bookcase but didn’t want to make the room cramped. Instead I decided to evict all the books from this bookcase we had in the hall and bring it in to my bedroom. Since it has glass doors I thought it would be great to display more more ornate shoes whilst keeping them safe from dust. The bookcase was inherited from my Granddad, it still has his cigarette┬á burn on the top. I remember as a child my mum telling him off as he would often leave his cigarette balanced on the top whilst he went off doing things. It doesn’t really match the otherwise white room but I really quite like how it looks, or perhaps that’s just because I like the bookcase, either way I’m happy with it. I am still putting off re-varnishing the wood floors, it wasn’t a fun job the first time I did it.



The ‘before’ shot


Cigarette burn and a cup mark


I also picked up these fun storage boxes from Dunelm, I use my Lush hatboxes to hide away bits and bobs but had filled them up so these will be great for hiding messy make-up and toiletries. I know it will be worth it in the end, but I’d just like to be able to find a pair of socks without having to rummage through ten bin bags first! Hopefully by next week it should be finished, just one last trip to Ikea.

3 thoughts on “Old BookCase Shoe Storage Display

  1. Great storage idea! I’ve put some metal shelves with hooks underneath above my shoe racks for accessories (and boxed shoes stacked on the shelves).

  2. We’ve still not started work yet on our house, due on monday…dreading it. Currently sitting surrounded by a massive pile of stuff going into storage and I keep getting more and more piles of stuff added to my already overflowing room-can’t take any more! Will be glad to see my shoe mountain go though, keep finding spiders coming from that pile, eeeek!

  3. You have put an excellent idea for your shoe storage. The book case will definitely prevent your shoes from dust and other threats. The shoes kept in this storage case are looking great. This is very good for safety of your shoes.

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