Outfit: High Street Hotties


Wearing: French Connection Popcorn jumper*, TK Maxx skirt, Vivienne Westwood tartan bag, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Lady Dragon shoes, Jon Richard Mood black and gold pleated necklace*, vintage long jewel necklace.

Oh my gosh an outfit post without the use of Instagram photos! I know, I know, I admit I am pretty proud of myself for managing this too. I crawled under the rails amongst boxes and bin bags to pull out a reasonably appropriate outfit for leaving the house yesterday. Of course the renovations which have now progressed to my bedroom are going to take much longer than originally planned so once again I am left without access to my clothes. My brother is now regretting the offer of storing some of my stuff for me since he can’t get out of his own bed without tripping over boxes of my shoes. It’s funny because so many of my friends have gladly offered to look after my shoes for me…

Anyway I am hoping to have my bedroom back at least in some shape by next week, the rest of the house could go on until Christmas at this rate. My awesome builder/interior designer has gone from constructing me an Ikea Billy bookcase for my shoes to building an entire walk-in wardrobe so it will be worth it in the end. The shoes will finally get to come out of their boxes!

Amidst the chaos my rummaging managed to unearth this outfit for the ever changing weather we are having this week, fully prepared for hot, cold and wet all at the same time. This pink pleated TK Maxx skirt has been a favourite since I first wore it to London Fashion Week way back in Sept 2011 (that photo makes me cringe hated that hair cut and haven’t a cut since). It ended up being quite a nice day but the strong wind – as you will see below where I try and look serious and fail, made it a bit chilly so I took the chance to try out this new French Connection ‘Popcorn’ jumper. I’ve been on the look out for a new cable knit jumper since I got a lot of wear out of my old one last year, I really liked the little side splits on this one giving it a bit more detail. The shoes had their first outing too, pretty but reminded me why I’d gone off wearing Lady Dragon’s, they do pinch a bit. Melissa shoes are great for the rain though as they are waterproof. I feel a bit Minnie Mouse in these with the huge bows, so cute. Paired with these sweet anchor print socks, you know I love socks.

I’ve really had to think a lot about my wardrobe these last couple of weeks, since I had to empty my bedroom I was forced to look at every single item of clothing I owned – no more stuffing things into draws, no more denial about quite how much I have. I guess I can write a full post about that alone, but one thing that came to mind whilst writing this post is that is doesn’t matter where your clothes come from, or how much they cost, there is never any indicator until an item is in your life, just how much – or not, you will wear it.




4 thoughts on “Outfit: High Street Hotties

  1. Don’t envy the renovations, ours are about to start for 3 months and I’m dreading it. Thankfully my room isn’t involved, but my sisters is, so I’ve taken a lot of her stuff and a lot is going into storage, so as a family we’ve all had to make sacrifices and bin items from the attic or rooms to make space. The relocation of the computer is my priority and I’m also worrying I won’t have anywhere to take outfit shots, but we’ll see when it happens. i keep telling myself it will be worth it for the shoe room!

    Despite my large collection of VW/Melissa, I don’t have any bow pairs. I wanted the nude/pink but they’ve not come down to a price I’m happy to pay/still been in stock, plus I’m not allowed to buy any more of anything just now. They do pinch my toes too!

    • Oh gosh I hope your reno’s go smoothly you just don’t imagine how much they mess up your life! I’ve basically had to abandon the blog these last few week. We just have to think about the shoe rooms!!
      I generally haven’t found Melissa shoes comfy, they are more for show lol! x

  2. The second photo is amazing. Showing your eyebrows is very becoming to you! Have you ever thought of changing your hair to longer layered bangs and parting hair to the side? Don’t get me wrong I love your current look, just really love the second photo!

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