Street Style Manchester: Christine

Christine, Manchester, Vivienne Westwood

Frequent visitors to this blog will have already met Christine. My dear friend always looks utterly fabulous and never conforms to the tired old rules glossy magazines┬á like to spout about what is ‘age appropriate’. Beautiful Italian glasses, comfy Doc Martin boots and lashings of Vivienne Westwood make Christine’s signature look stand out from the crowd, understated chic at it’s best. The dress she is wearing is a Vivienne Westwood Gold Label ‘Gigot’ dress, I have the same dress in different fabrics, a simple white cotton and printed Union Jack. I actually wore my white Gigot on the same day but I doubt anyone would have recognised them as the same dress. I always think it is fascinating to see how different people choose to wear the same things, I always wonder about how designers feel to see their pieces walking down the street!

Street Style Manchester: Happy Monday

Wags, formerly of the Happy Mondays and Black Grape, aged forever young, Manchester, doesnt have favourite shop but is writing a book on phobias

I have been shooting some street style around Manchester for Style.etc magazine and my freelance work and wanted to share some of the images with you in a street style series.

This is Wags, as some of you will recognise  formerly of the bands the Happy Mondays and Black Grape. Wags is a fun guy, really friendly and always up for a chat. I admire his laid back cool look, you can tell he has rock in his blood. Wags was wearing a black suit and white shirt, Clarks desert boots a favourite with Northern rock starts and two coral necklaces. The day I shot this he was helping out his friend on her jewellery stall. We chatted about the book he wants to write on unusual phobias. Wags hates clowns, there was even a song wrote about that, I confessed I find moles hands a bit freaky, they way they look like humans hands, something not right about that.