Street Style Manchester: Happy Monday

Wags, formerly of the Happy Mondays and Black Grape, aged forever young, Manchester, doesnt have favourite shop but is writing a book on phobias

I have been shooting some street style around Manchester for Style.etc magazine and my freelance work and wanted to share some of the images with you in a street style series.

This is Wags, as some of you will recognise  formerly of the bands the Happy Mondays and Black Grape. Wags is a fun guy, really friendly and always up for a chat. I admire his laid back cool look, you can tell he has rock in his blood. Wags was wearing a black suit and white shirt, Clarks desert boots a favourite with Northern rock starts and two coral necklaces. The day I shot this he was helping out his friend on her jewellery stall. We chatted about the book he wants to write on unusual phobias. Wags hates clowns, there was even a song wrote about that, I confessed I find moles hands a bit freaky, they way they look like humans hands, something not right about that.

2 thoughts on “Street Style Manchester: Happy Monday

  1. Oh my, Clarks desert boots. So stylish for so long….my dad had a pair and he could give Clarke Gable a run for his money in the style stakes!
    Are we seeing you in this neck of the woods soon? Come and meet Mr B as he is on his hols and you can talk VW to your heart’s content!!
    Z xx

    • Hello my lovely! Yes I think Im back down around the 20th just waiting for confirmation and I will be down over night so I will have plenty of time for gossiping. Whilst Mr B is off you should try and get up to Canons Ashby and see our shoe exhibition there you guys will love it xxx

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