Outfit: Deep Sky


Wearing: vintage Vivienne Westwood Deep Sky blazer, Red Label blouse, Anglomania Kung Fu pants, Japanese label socks, Special custom order Gold Label Animal toe 3-straps in green canvas

Just posing a little Instagram (@SuperElevated) snap of this outfit since I couldn’t wait to show you these new shoes! Special custom order Animal Toe 3-Straps from Worlds End, I will do anther post with all the details about them next. I actually ordered them back in May planning on them being my summer shoes but due to some problem they only just came. With the weather turning I wasn’t sure I’d get chance to wear them now but luckily we are having┬á a mini Indian summer so I pulled them on with socks and rolled up my trousers. Worn with my precious Deep Sky blazer <3 For something similar on a budget the Ash Fiona have the same chunky buckle feel and would look amazing with trousers and socks. The Ash Heidi are a great option too, also in canvas with three statement buckles, these would be best worn with dresses for a night out. You could work either look with a nice fitted blazer, I love stripes and they will be big for next season.

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